Thursday, December 29, 2011

Still it's a real good bet, the best is yet to come*

Good luck getting through this whole thing.  I'm apparently really boring. :)

What did you do in 2011 that you’d never done before?
I went to Las Vegas.  Does that count? 

Did you keep your new year’s resolutions and will you make more for next year?
I hate resolutions.  I rarely make them.  I think I said something last year about cooking more, but meh.  Once I moved to DE, that went out the window. 

What countries did you visit?
The US and Costa Rica.  I had a decent amount of trips in the US this year, but only the one out of the country. 

What would you like to have in 2012 that you lacked in 2011?
Um, I would like a new Garmin.  I didn't exactly LACK a Garmin this year, but I did for part of the year.  So I'm counting that. 

What dates from 2011 will remain etched upon your memory and why?
November 4 - just because
What was your biggest acheievement of the year?
I don't know that I really had any big acheivements.  I guess finishing the half marathon with almost no training?

What was your biggest failure
Failing to train for the half marathon. 

Did you suffer illness or injury
Nothing major.

What was the best thing you bought
A Garmin.  I really miss it.  I also love my nightstand.

Whose behavior merited celebration
Um, all my friends?

Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed
I really don't want to answer this.

Where did most of your money go
Savings, paying off my car, paying off credit cards, buying furniture, food.  You know, typical boring stuff.

What song will always remind you of 2011
Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

Compared to this time last year are you (a) happier or sadder? (b) thinner or fatter? (c) richer or poorer
Oy, I hate this question.  I don't recall how I felt last year, but I'm guessing I'm happier, same-ish, richer. 

What do you wish you’d done more of
I wish I had worked out more, cooked more once I moved to DE, and talked about things instead of letting them build up.

Did you fall in love in 2011
Oy, this question.  I fell in like a few times.  I'm still figuring it out. 

What was your favorite TV program
Chuck, NCIS, The Walking Dead. 

Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year
It's not worth my time to hate anyone.  I do dislike some people that I didn't last year, but hating is too much effort for them. 

What did you do on your birthday and how old were you
I turned 29, and went to Chicago with the Spazzoid.  Such a great birthday!

How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2011.
Still all about the comfort.  I wear a lot of jeans and kahkis and argyle.  I'm not exactly trendy.

What kept you sane
Running and drinking beer?

Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most
Mila Kunis and Woody Harrelson.  Such a crush on both of them.

What political issue stirred you the most
Women's health and rights

Who did you miss
My friends from VA and my grandpa.

Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2011
Keep smiling, even when you want to cry.  The moment will eventually pass. 

Quote a song lyric that sums up your year
I don't know where I'm going yet, but I sure am getting there


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And I wonder if everything could ever feel this real forever*

I went running for the first time since the half marathon. 

It was a cold, wet, rainy run.  Somehow, the rain worked against me and managed to fall directly in my eyes the entire time, no matter what direction I was facing, and I had way too many hills.

It was great to be back.   

Why yes, I do have a bedazzled skull and crossbones hat.  Thanks Santa!

*Foo Fighters

Monday, December 26, 2011

Told myself that you were right for me, but felt so lonely in your company*

Christmas Recap:
  • I got the table!  I have never been so excited to receive a piece of furniture before, but, my sisters rock and got me the table for Christmas. My precious. 
  • If I make Christmas gifts, I always have ONE gift that just kills me and refuses to go well.  This year, I only made ONE gift, and of course it was the one I have had nothing but issues with.  I made my mom some fingerless gloves.  Unfortunately, I somehow made them two different sizes.  Noticeably different sizes.  Sigh.  I let my mom pick the size she liked better and am currently making a third glove, that I have already had to restart twice (I'm an idiot that can't count apparently).  And, I get ALMOST done last night, and realized, I forgot to put a thumb hole in and I have to rip most of it back.  Sigh.  Stupid gloves. 
  • The kids are SO FREAKING ADORABLE this year.  They were all so excited to open their gifts.  Little H acted like EVERY SINGLE GIFT was the BEST THING EVER.  Little J was so cute, going around saying how lucky he was to get SO MANY GIFTS, and Little T was just a cutie pie (and entirely amusing and full of Christmas cheer...).  Baby V was adorable, even if she didn't QUITE get the whole concept yet. 
  • It seemed like a small group at my grandma's house this year, but still tons of fun.  I got some awesome knitting books from my aunts and an awesome Pug canvas from my uncle that I can't wait to hang up in my bedroom.  And, of course, it was so awesome just seeing everyone again.  Even though I live closer, I feel like I don't seem my family as often as I should. 
All in all, Christmas was awesome this year.  I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Friday, December 23, 2011


I have been looking forward to today ALL week.  I was so excited for a day off, so excited to get stuff done around the house. 

Then, I woke up this morning with a horrible hacking cough and I feel like crap.  Sigh.  It's totally my luck. 

So, I am currently sitting on my couch, curled up in a ball, watching cheesy movies and cuddling with Oscar. 

Happy Holidays to everyone. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All I want for Christmas is you*

A random Christmas meme, because, why not?

The Christmas song I can listen to even in June is...
Ugh, there is NO Christmas song I can listen to in June.  However, if it came down to picking my favorite Christmas song, it's a mix between the Carol of the Bells (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) or Baby It's Cold Outside (even with all the date rape creepiness associated with it).  She and Him actually have a great version of this song, where She sings all the traditional guy verses and He sings all the girl's parts.  I can't decide if that makes it more or less creepy...

Hot Chocolate, Egg Nog, or Mulled Wine?
So, I have no idea what mulled wine.  It is quite possibly my most favorite drink ever...but, in this question, I'm going with Hot Chocolate (although I do like Egg Nog, I just like Hot Chocolate much better). 

When do you put your decorations up?
It depends.  This year, I didn't put any decorations up (I am so bah humbug this year apparently).  However, I usually decorate the first or second week of December.

What are you having for Christmas dinner?
Not a clue.  Whatever my family makes.  My uncle usually makes the main dish (I forget if it's ham or turkey...) and we all bring pot luck side dishes.  Speaking of, I must figure out what I am bringing...

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
My favorite tradition isn't really a tradition anymore (sad face). When my sisters and I were younger, we would always go to my grandparent's house with my dad on Christmas Eve (my mom and her mom would stay home and wrap gifts and be Santa).  While at my grandparent's house, Santa would make his first visit to our house and drop off our stocking gifts (we were totally the only kids good enough to have Santa visit us TWICE in one night....).  When we got home, we would go put on pajamas and unwrap the stocking gifts, and then usually it was bed time.  We continued this up until high school (although I stayed up much later as I got older....).  Now that my sisters are married, they spend Christmas Eve with their family, so we no longer have that tradition.  But I still miss it. 

Have you ever gone carol singing?
Is carol singing redundant?  It seems like it should be.  But anyway, no, I have never been caroling.  At least not that I recall. 

When did you learn the truth about Santa?
I'm not entirely sure.  I know I was pretty young.  I know my sister told me the truth (and got chewed out by mom for that one).  I think I was 3 or 4?

How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
I haven't had a big tree to decorate in a while because Oscar likes to drink the tree water (ugh, dumb dog), and actually gave himself pancreatitis one year.  And I despise fake trees (I have nothing against OTHER people having fake trees, I just personally don't like having them).  I used to buy table top size trees and decorate that (but I didn't even do that this year).  This answer is getting ridiculously long.  If I had a tree, and planned to decorate it, I would use colored lights, a star on top, and ornaments that I have been receiving from my family every year of my life (at least that I can remember).  I don't own any ornaments that were not given to me by family (I refuse to go buy any). 

What's the best thing about Christmas?
I really like my family.  They're some of my favorite people in the world.  They're why I'm as awesome as I am.  So, my favorite thing about Christmas is getting to spend a day with them (yes, I know, cheesy.  But true). 

All I want for Christmas is...
I don't think there is any ONE thing I MUST HAVE.  Just a bunch of stuff that would be nice to receive, but not a big deal if I don't. 

*Mariah Carey

Monday, December 19, 2011

Daytime friends and nighttime lovers, hoping no one else discovers*

Yesterday was my daddy's birthday, and like ALL good daughters, I left his gift and card at home when I went to see him, and I put him to work on my car (in the cold no less).  I pretty much made his day awesome.  :-)  (I seriously have the best dad.  He didn't even complain about any of this).  So happy birthday dad!  I love you!


I went to two shows this weekend.  Friday, my sister J and I took my mom to see Kenny Rogers.  We won't discuss the drive there (ugh, Friday rush hour in PA SUCKS), but once we got there, I was SUPER STOKED to see Kenny.  Embarassingly stoked.  :-)

The concert was a lot of fun, but Kenny is definitely getting old.  (His fans are as well.  Man, those 70 year old ladies get super rowdy with the catcalling for him). I still can't decide if he was purposely shortening songs or if he just forgot the verses.  But he seriously changed the entire meaning of his Coward of the County song by leaving out two verses.  Instead of the guy defending his girlfriend/wife/whatever she is from the bad guys, he is the asshole that just randomly picks fights in a bar.  I was upset. 

I ALSO realized that as a kid, the meanings of his songs went right over my head.  I was listening to the lyrics, and he sings about some dysfunctional ladies!  The one lady is having an affair with her husband's best friend, Ruby is cheating on her paralyzed husband, Lucille is leaving the guy with 4 hundred children and crops in the field (apparently this was a misheard lyric that my sisters and I all thought he was saying).  I definitely was not aware of this as a kid. 

Then, Saturday evening, I went and saw JP's band at some dive bar in Delaware.  That was also quite enjoyable, in an entirely different way. :)


So, all in all, I had a great weekend.  :)  Hope everyone else did too!

*Kenny Rogers (seriously, how did I not realize they were having an affair?  I just kind of thought they were daytime friends and nighttime lovers without the whole cheating part).

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I promise I'm worth it*

Happy Things:
  • We baked a million cookies last Saturday.  They are so yummy.  I brough them to work today.  Everyone loved them. :-)
  • The same day as the run in with my stalker, I went to WAWA and some random guy paid for all my stuff and walked away.  So nice of him.  So, I paid for some random persons drinks at Starbucks. 
  • I cleaned my house today.  I dont know when it happened, but I randomly became a semi-neat person.  (Still never spotless in my house, but I get upset when things aren't where they should be).  Anyone that knows me should also know that this is a complete 180 from where I was about a year and a half ago.  Craziness. 
  • J and I are taking my mom to see Kenny Rogers tomorrow night for her Christmas gift.  I'm secretly actually really excited about this and he had BEST play The Gambler (haha, I can't believe I like Kenny Rogers). 
  • I have the greatest friends.  I came home from work today, and SH had sent me a She and Him Christmas CD for a Christmas gift.  So awesome (seriously, I am SOOOO excited for this).   

So, anyways, November brought the suck, but December has been turning it around. 


Sunday, December 11, 2011

But I've got no secrets that I babble in my sleep*

So, my crazy, stalker neighbor is back. 

I woke up this morning looking a bit like a crack whore.  Apparently, I fell asleep last night before washing my makeup off (I had more makeup than normal on because I had to go to a work party), and my eye liner and mascara had smudged just a bit.  (And by just a bit, I'm not exaggerating when I say I looked entirely cracked out). 

I didn't have time to wash my face when I woke up, Oscar was begging to go out.  So, I figured, meh, whatever.  I dont care. 

I take him outside, and realize, crap, I REALLY need to rake the lawn, and this was basically the only weekend I had available until next year.  So, I brought Oscar inside and started raking (still in my pajamas and entirely unwashed). 

It was early enough, I figured nobody would see me, and seriously, who do I have around here that I care about impressing? 

Not even ten minutes later, the neighbor's door opens and he comes bounding out on to the front porch to "smoke" a cigarette (seriously, he practically jumped out the door and then lit the cigarette but never actually brought it too his mouth).  I do my best to not look in his general direction and ignore him (kind of hard when your yard is the size of a postage stamp). 

THEN, he walks over to me and starts helping me put my leaves in a bag.  So, I honestly would LOVE the help, but seems like a bit of a jerk move to let him help as I continue ignoring him.  I tell him I really didn't need the help, but I appreciated it anyway, and he won't stop!  Ugh.

Then, he tells me that I'm looking not so pretty this morning, but that's ok, he'll get over it because he likes me anyway (um...thanks?).  He keeps trying to ask me out and where I had been for the last week or so.  I finally said that I had been on vacation with a guy I was dating (yes, I lied, and I have no shame...) and he gets quiet for a second and then says.  Oh, well I bet it's not serious, and even if it is, you can still go out and date me. 


So, the lie gets deeper...and I say, no, we agreed to not see anyone else.  He, stops and thinks a bit, and says, well you didn't sign any paperwork right?  You can still go on a date with me and he'll never know.  (A- what paperwork??? B- ARE YOU KIDDING ME???)

Ok, ass.  I already disliked you, now I hate you even more because you are actively encouraging me to cheat (Ok, granted, I had nobody to actually cheat on...but you still shouldn't be encouraging it!!!!).  Ugh.  So, he spends the next twenty minutes trying to get me to go on a date with him. 

I FINALLY finished the lawn and tried to head inside and he kept insisting I stay out and hang out with him.  I managed to get away, but seriously.  He sucks.  I'm so ready for him to move out (crossing fingers he really leaves at the end of December). 

Luckily, the rest of my day rocked and hung out with Bug.  Definitely an improvement :-)

*Missy Higgins

Friday, December 9, 2011

Now I know that I’m not, all that you've got. I guess that I, I just thought maybe we could find new ways to fall apart*

Oscar = Biggest pain in the ass. 

I picked him up at my mom and dad's the night I returned from Las Vegas.  He was fine.  Very excited to see me, very active and just happy.  We go home, go to bed, and wake up the next morning to him not wanting to eat and kind of just groaning when I picked him up. 

I put him in his crate for the day and decided to just keep an eye on him for the next day or two and figure out if he was really hurt/sick or just being a drama queen (he has his moments).  I got home that night and he ate and while not completely back to normal, seemed somewhat better. 

Yesterday, I wake up, and again, he's refusing to walk down stairs and eats insanely slow and doesn't seem too interested in going for his morning walk.  Again, I put him in his crate, figuring he wasn't sick, just hurting a bit, and this would keep him from moving around too much and hurting himself even more.

I get home from work, he seems ok.  Not normal, but better.  So, I head over to my sister's for dinner and babysitting.  I get home a few hours later and let him out of his crate, and he falls over then can barely stand and is whimpering.  Ok then.  To the emergency vet we go. 

Of course, we get there, and the dumb dog decides he's fine.  He actually manages to RUN away from the nurse when she is trying to see him stand, and is acting like there is nothing wrong.  She walks out of the room, and he goes back to quivering in pain and whimpering.  Seriously dog?  Are you trying to make me look like an overreacting idiot?

The doctor comes in, and he goes back to acting like nothing is wrong.  Until of course, the doctor starts examining his back, and Oscar freaks out and yelps (sounded like a stuck pig, I felt awful) and is writhing in pain (ugh, I felt so awful). 

So, apparently, he has a similar issue from a few years ago.  He has a protruding disc in his spine (luckily, it didn't rupture this time, like it partially did last time, so no paralysis of the hind legs to worry about) and is just in pain.  He's on pain meds and cage rest for the week (which he is obviously already hating), but should hopefully be ok. 

But seriously, can he go for a whole year without having any major issues?  That would be fantastic. 

*FUN. - LOVE this song.  Such a fun song. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

If I could blink if I could breathe If I could get my legs to move*

I have some pictures this time!  (Not many, Blogger is being a pain in the butt, and I don't feel like fighting it anymore).  But, you can have some!

This trip has been so nice not being at work for a whole week.  Sadly, I did NOT win big at Vegas, but I had fun nonetheless.  :-)  I never really managed to get on Vegas time the whole week I was here, so I was passing out by 1 or 2 every night, and waking up around 7 every morning.  I was definitely living the wild life here.  :-) 

But, I did manage to get a picture or two of the Strip at night.  (Also, I STILL giggle like a 12 year old boy everytime anyone says "The Strip".  I apparently will never grow up.  :-) 

I love the New York New York Casino.  Especially at night.  So pretty and reminded me of home. 

The Venetian is also really pretty, but just made me feel and like I was going to break something just looking at it.  Way too luxurious for me, but still very pretty to look at.  (I can't get the inside pictures to load, sorry, they're much prettier). 

Then, the real reason we were here.  The dreaded half marathon.

I have done a few of the Rock and Roll Half Marathons and I feel like this one was the most disorganized run I have ever been in.  They had WAY too many people and not enough volunteers or space to run.  They freaking ran out of water at some of the water stops (luckily, it wasn't hot, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been), and even worse, they ran out of finisher medals.  They gave me a full marathon medal instead and I was kind of pissed.  I didn't run the full marathon, I ran the half marathon.  What am I going to do with a full marathon medal that I didn't really run??

And, this was in no way under their control, but the weather kind of sucked.

However, here I am at the starting line, headlamp and everything.  Also, majorly nervous for this race.  (Yeah, the picture sucks, it was dark out, and the flash on my phone doesn't work in self-portrait mode). 

The first nine miles of the race were actually kind of nice.  As I said before, there were WAY too many people, but it wasn't necessarily a bad thing, it kept me at a slow pace, as opposed to my normal sprint starts and subsequent dying a few miles later.   And, surprisingly, I was able to run the first 9 miles relatively easily (HUGE shock, since my longest training run was only about 8 miles and it was the worst feeling ever). 

HOWEVER, mile nine began to bring the suck. 

There was a water stop at mile 9, and I stopped to walk through it (I walked through all the water stops, it's too hard to run and drink for us clumsy people).  It also got about 10 degrees colder in the span of a minute, and began a light, icy rain.  And my legs held a mutiny.  My legs were so cold, and my muscles were tightening up by the second.  Then, my hamstrings cramped up and REFUSED to run.  I couldn't even get them to shuffle slowly. 

I promised myself I would walk a mile and then run again.  Yeah, that did not happen. 

So, I was kind of disappointed.  My first ten miles, I was on track for about a 2:55-3:00 finish time (which while not fantastic, is still pretty freaking good for me).  Then, after mile ten, it took me AN HOUR to go the last 3.1 miles.  (Considering I was walking and "hobbling" the last three miles, I guess an hour isn't terrible, but still such a disappointment to have such an epic meltdown). 

I did manage to shuffle/jog my way the last mile and actually picked up my feet the last tenth of a mile to cross the finish line.  (Only to find out they didn't have any medals).  They are supposedly mailing me a half marathon medal, but still.  Kind of sucky. 

I then got a mylar blanket (thank that point I was wet and freezing) and my picture taken (I'm ready to laugh at how awful I must look in that picture, I felt so dead at that point).  I then had to walk about half a mile to the gear check area to get my dry clothes and meet up with K and Figgs (which while awful at the time, was actually nice, because it kept me from sitting down right away and cramping up even more). 

I get to the gear check and seriously, Figgs is the best person to go to a race with.  He finished almost an hour earlier than me, and had gone and bought us a bottle of champagne to celebrate with.  Fantastic.  :-) 

Then, it took us almost 2 hours to get back to the room due to the huge number of people and lack of shuttles as promised (stupid race organizers). 

But, even with my terrible last three miles, I managed to eek out a PR at 3:27.  Not exactly happy with my time, but seriously, for the lack of training I had, I shouldn't complain.  :-) 

Sadly, I go back home tomorrow, and back to work on Wednesday.  Sad face. 

*Phantom Planet - This song came on around Mile 11 and was the only thing that kept me walking at that point. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You made my heart melt, yet I'm cold to the core*

Greetings from Vegas!  (Holy crap I can't believe I'm here and that the race is on SUNDAY!!!).  Ok, minor freak out moment there, it's all good. 

I lucked out on my flight out here.  My dad drove me to the airport and dropped me off, only to find out that my plane was delayed by 2 hours (thanks delta for updating your online flight status!).  BUT, it actually worked out fantastic for me.  Due to the 2 hour delay, I was going to miss my connecting flight in Minnesota (ugh, connecting flights), so the guy changed me to a different airline and I got a non-stop flight leaving half an hour earlier.  Yay direct flights and less time in the airport. 

By the time I got through security and found my gate, I only had to wait about 30 minutes to board.  Then, I asked if I could get moved to an aisle seat.  And got put in the emergency exit row.  All by myself.  So, I had all this extra room and nobody behind me to complain if I put the seat back.  Talk about a good flight.  (Everything's coming up Milhouse). 

The hotel itself is quite nice, if a little...confusing.  It's a resort type place, with a bunch of different buildings connected outside along a jungle like path and very little markings anywhere to let you know you found the right building.  I felt slightly lost at night and texted K that one of us needs to stay sober just to make sure we find our room each night. 

I woke up at 7 this morning (ugh, my body thought it was 10) and spent my first day here just walking around the strip.  (Nobody else is here yet, K doesn't get here till late tonight, and Figgs arrives tomorrow).  I didn't do much gambling (spent a whopping TWO DOLLARS at the slots so far), but it was cool to explore downtown and I did do some shopping.  Always fun. 

However, today, has been all about the relaxing and not doing anything.  It's just me, myself, and Vegas.  What more could you ask for (ok, I admit, it was a little lonely at times and maybe would have been more enjoyable at certain parts with more people, but I have the rest of the week for that).  A day to myself was still pretty great.  And, like all good explorers, I completely forgot to take ANY pictures.  (Hangs head in shame).  So, hopefully I remember tomorrow. 

Anyways, I am now going to be entirely lame and take a nap, so I can be awake when K gets here.  Yay!

I LOVE being on vacation/traveling.  I feel like the world back home just doesn't even exist right now.  And that's a very good thing.  :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

From Reality I Just Can't Drift*

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to write lately.  And, as I mentioned before, this whole month has pretty much been bringing the suck.  I find I need to remind myself that it hasn't been all bad.
  • I went to New York to visit JH for her birthday.  I got to see JH and Mike, who are some of my favorite people to hang out with.  I got to take a crazy cab ride with a crazy cab driver, got to drink a lot, and save Mike's life with a TUMS (his words, not mine).  It was so awesome to see them.
  • I ran 8 miles this weekend.  Calling it running may be a stretch, but I ran/walked 8 miles this weekend.  Which is kind of crazy to me considering I was in no way prepared to actually finish the 8 miles.  I'm even running/walking a 5k with my mom and sister on Thanksgiving.  Always fun. 
  • I'm seeing RR today.  That is fantastic.  I'm seeing most of my family this weekend.  Also fantastic.
  • The Walking Dead has been PHENOMINAL this month.  Seriously.  LOVE this show. 
  • I bought one of two of my tables.  It is even prettier than I ever imagined.  Now, I just need to buy a second one (hopefully Target still has them at Christmas time!). 
So, it hasn't been all terrible.  Just kind of feels that way sometimes. 

*Bob Marley

Week of suck

So, I know I've been MIA lately.  Lots of stuff going on, very little of it good. 

And, pretty much all capped off with crappy news last night. 

I'm so sorry, Mike.  I'm here if you need anything. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Want to get ourselves on the straight and the narrow, Gonna need a better plan*

Irksome Thoughts
  • I get really annoyed when people ask me why I dont want to have kids.  Seriously?  Why do you do this?  I don't ask you why  you WANT to have kids (it's a personal decision that has nothing to do with me), so why is it so abnormal for me not to want them?  And, PLEASE don't try to tell me I should have kids because I'm so good with them and like them so much.  I like them because they aren't mine, and I am good with them, because I can give them back.  I don't have to live with them 24/7.  It's a big difference.
  • I usually come in to work between 8:30 and 9:00 (I really like my sleep), but I occasionally come in at 6:30 or 7 (or earllier) if there is a need.  It's not unheard of.  In fact, it's not even all that uncommon.  Yet, everytime I come in before 8, I get the barrage of questions.  Why are you so early?  Aren't you missing out on your beauty sleep?  Ha, Hell must have frozen over.  Sigh.  I get it.  People think it's funny that I'm early.  It's really  not.  Especially not when I have heard it EVERY DAY FOR TWO WEEKS NOW.  Seriously, it's obviously not a fluke.  I'm early for a reason.  Get over it.  (I'm also apparently a little grumpy from lack of sleep, but meh, get over it). 
  • How rude do you have to be before someone gets the hint and leaves you alone?  My neighbor is DETERMINED to be my friend.  I am DETERMINED I will NOT be his friend.  Literally, this man followed me to the park, tried to follow me on my run.  (My favorite part was when he told me to stop and rest because he was tired....).  Has tried to invite himself to dinner with me.  And, last night, tried to get me to "invite him" for a run again some time.  I have been RIDICULOUSLY rude to this man.  I told him he couldn't come to the park with me.  I said I never want to run with him again.  I have told him I have no desire to be his friend.  I pretty  much just ignore him when I see him, yet he keeps persisting.  It's obnoxious.  (He's not really a stalker I dont think.  He's not from this country, and he has no friends, and is just kind of socially inept). 
Happy thoughts
  • Peppermint Mochas are coming back next week.  (It's the little things). 
  • I went to New York last weekend and got to see my aunt (and my favorite place).  We went to the Brooklyn Flea and I got an awesome necklace and watch.  I randomly love buying used jewelry.  Has so much more character that way. 
  • I get to see my JH this weekend.  I haven't seen her in what seems like forever (possibly since I moved?).  Fun times. 
  • I made the PERFECT spaghetti squash and ginger chicken last night.  I'm counting down the hours till lunch time when I get to eat it.  (Apparently  my day revolves around thoughts of food and drinks....)
So, what's making you happy today?

*Jakob Dylan

Monday, October 31, 2011

I'd like to a monkey, be monkeys with you*

OK, so I was feeling SUPER grumpy on Sunday. but then, J posted some adorable photos of Baby V, and I am shamelessly stealing from her blog to post these, because seriously, EVERYONE needs to see the cuteness that is my niece.

How can you not want to just give her a big hug and kiss?  It's like cuteness overload.

*100 Monkeys

Sunday, October 30, 2011

But I knew that you were a truth I would rather lose than to have never lain beside at all*

I am excessively grumpy.  I'm pretty sure it is due to lack of food, but ugh.  The grumpiness today.

I went for an 8 mile run today.  After last weekend's 7 mile attempt, and how good I felt, I was expecting this week's run to be ok.  Ha!

I quit after 2 miles.  I was completely mentally NOT in to this run, and I couldn't even force myself to run a second lap around the park.  I just felt mentally exhausted and I had NO energy and it was so frustrating, because my legs felt fine.  I SHOULD have been able to run, I just could not make myself do it.  

I have all sorts of excuses.  I didn't eat right today (I knew this before even going to the park), I am still fighting this cold which is making me super stuffy and hard to breathe, I have been working long hours making me super tired, but seriously.  

I just didn't want to do it.  That's pretty much it.  And I'm stubborn enough, if I really don't want to do something, I am just not going to do it.  Blah.

So, I went back home and am currently sitting on the couch watching football and yelling at my fantasy players for sucking.  Some consistency week to week would be FANTASTIC.  

I'm going to attempt the 8 miles again tomorrow.  Hopefully it goes a bit better.  Sigh

*Death Cab For Cutie - What Sarah Said always makes me sad, not sure why it's floating around in my head today (may also be explaining my grumpy mood)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This is the best way that I've found, to be the best you've ever seen*

I have found that I am missing a bunch of small items that seem to have disappeared in the move.  Like, an iron.  I really need an iron to fix my curtains (it's an iron on hem type thing).  And, my extra tube of toothpaste.  Things like that.  I'm also apparently missing my can opener.  Which I discovered in the middle of cooking dinner the other night, when I really needed to open a can of broth.

I KNOW I had one at one point.  Where it is, I have no idea.  

I finally resorted to stabbing the can with a knife until I had a hole big enough to pour the broth through.  I felt slightly pathetic.  And yet, I still haven't had a chance to actually go and BUY any of these things.  This weekend.  I swear.


I am trying to figure out when I turned so old.  There are these annoying kids that live in my neighborhood. EVERY FREAKING NIGHT, no matter what time of night I am getting home (ok, seriously, they were there at 2 AM the one morning), they are hanging out on this corner. Now, these kids are NOT old enough to be outside at this time (they range from ages 8-13 or so).  

EVERY time I see them, I get so pissed off.  They are standing at the corner, not quite int he middle of the street, but enough so that you can't safely turn without worrying about hitting them, and ugh.  I just want to yell, DON'T YOUR PARENTS LOVE YOU?!?!?!?"  And WHY ARE YOU OUTSIDE AT THIS TIME OF NIGHT?!?!  You morons are going to get hit by a car!!!!  I know MY parents made me come home before it was dark at that age (and granted, when I was older, I snuck back out, but not at that age).

And then, I think, when did I get so old, that this started irritating me so much?  But seriously.  WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS THERE!!!!  Sigh, they're just obnoxious kids that should be at home in bed (and I swear, next I'll be peeking out my window, spying on them, yelling at them to get off my lawn!) 


So, is it the weekend yet?

*Hedwig and the Angry Inch 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

If I had the time, I'd stop the world and make you mine, and everyday would stay the same with you*

Random rundown

Little H turned 4 this weekend.  I can't believe how old he's getting.  I apparently had camnesia this weekend, and didn't take hardly ANY pictures.  I did get a cute one of D and Little H and his Lego gifts (Little H is a little distracted).  So, I guess you will have to settle for that.


I ran the scheduled 7 miles this weekend.  I have abandoned all hope of actually running and finishing this thing, so now I am on a, just get to the finish line kick.  I did a run 2 mile, walk quarter mile type thing this weekend.  And, while I was incredibly slow, I actually felt like I could finish this race for the first time.  So I guess that's a plus.  


Ever go on a date and not know you were going on a date until after you were on said date?  Ha!  I accidentally did.  That was awkward.  And no, I will NOT give details.  The entire thing just needs to be forgotten.  :-)


Some friends/family also came up with some more...less useful things I am great at:
  1. loving a deranged dog that nobody else could love
  2. I am flypaper for freaks (I'm so good at that one).
  3. I injure myself in the most bizarre ways.  (Just a few examples: breaking my foot twice while walking, stepping on a broken bottle and requiring 10 stitches, or kneeling on a needle and needing surgery).  RR apparently tells her friends all about me.  Her favorite story to tell is about me walking across the Best Buy parking lot and breaking my foot.  She fails to mention the totally hardcore part where I drove 30 minutes home...WITH A STICK SHIFT AND A BROKEN FOOT.  
  4. I can bust out Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby or Sir Mix A lot's Baby got Back in their entirety. It's a good party trick.
  5. I'm good at being paranoid.  This one is really just obnoxious.
So there you go, five MORE things I'm great at. 


I totally sound like someone you want to be friends with right?  :-P

*Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - I randomly really like this song.  I think I'm still a closet Oasis fan.  :-)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There's an old voice in my head that's holding me back*

Past few weeks, I've been feeling kind of meh.  Some friends of mine have been pissing me off, same old crap.  I've just been kind of getting down on myself, so, I decided I would do Trapped's five things I'm great at.  

I had a hard time coming up with things (apparently I'm better at the whole self deprecation thing than I am at the self promoting thing).  However, I asked some people and came up with some things I agree with.

I am great at knitting.  Two friends from Virginia taught me how to do a knit stitch and a purl stitch.  From there, I've been able to teach myself everything else I've learned.  I knit awesome socks.  I knit awesome hats.  I knit almost awesome scarves.  I may not be the BEST knitter, but I'm pretty damn great for a casual knitter.  

I am a great friend.  I have a lot of patience.  I am generous with my time.  I drive ridiculously far to hang out with them.  I go out of my way to keep in touch with them.  

I am a great sister/daughter/aunt.  I am always willing to watch the nieces/nephews.  I make sure I visit my sisters and parents as often as possible.  I call home all the time.  I enjoy just spending time with them.  

I am great at making people laugh.  Granted, a lot of times, people are laughing AT me, but not always.  I am good with the witty comeback.  I make mundane activities (like running errands to Target) fun.  I tell stupid stories, but unless you're an ass, people appreciate that about me.  

And last but not least, I am great at reading.  I read like a fiend.  I HAVE to read for at least half an hour before bed each night, and usually can finish a short book in that time.  I don't "speed read", I actually read every word and usually retain the information.  I've had teachers accuse me of lying when I was younger because I would finish our silent reading assignments too quickly.  I'm great at it.  

So, some of these are kind of lame, but they're what I'm great at.  :-)

*Of Monsters and Men (anyone know anyone in Iceland?  I REALLY want this cd but can't get it here :-(  so sad)

Monday, October 17, 2011

So many things I'd say, if only I were able*

I missed a run last week, and I'm starting to get a little irritated with myself.  I am definitely doing bare minimum to get me to this finish line (it's not like my newest schedule was all that involved to begin with).  I did my long run yesterday (about 6 miles), and I was definitely struggling more than I should be at this point.  I probably walked about a mile (maybe a little more) of those almost 6 miles.  I'm really questioning if I even want to do this race.

However, I do still want to go to Vegas.  So will I let myself go without running the race?  Probably not.  So...I guess I'm back to my half assed training.  Sigh.  


I covet this table.  COVET.  Unfortunately, I need two for my nightstands, and I don't really want to be spending this much money right now.   If anyone feels the urge to get me a random gift card to Target, I wouldn't turn it down.  :-P  You know, a belated a birthday gift or something. ;-)  Instead I plan to keep an eye on the Target website and just hope they still have it in a few months. 


*Sara Bareilles - This song has been on the radio SO MUCH this week.  Pretty much sick of it. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I took a sip of something poison but I'll hold on tight.*

I made a very big mistake this week.  And while it's not as big a mistake as I initially thought, it's still a very big mistake.  I have this ball of dread just chilling out at the bottom of my stomach.  It's awful.  

Got even worse when I went to buy gas today, and realized I didn't have my credit card and it wasn't anywhere in my wallet or purse.  Such a terrible feeling.  Luckily, I found it a few minutes later when I got home, but still, awful feeling (note to self, stop putting credit card in pants pocket).

How come when it's raining out, it always takes an hour to drive somewhere that should only take 20 minutes? Argh.  Hate PA drivers.  Seriously, they are terrible.

I ran my 2 miles on Tuesday, and was supposed to run 3 today.  Fail.  My "oh crap" schedule is not appearing to be a success.  However, I think I found my new strategy.  Genius.  But I plan to do it in style.  Limo with a wet bar is more my style.  

Yeah, not much else.  Been working super long days this week, so I'm even more boring than normal.  

Have a lovely weekend!

*Foster the People (seriously, this is probably their best song, needs to get more radio play...)

Monday, October 10, 2011

My mind forgets to remind me, you're a bad idea*

  • I started my "oh crap, the half marathon is coming way too soon" training plan.  I ran 5 miles this Sunday.  That sucked.  I have no desire to run this half marathon at all.  I'm contemplating just going to Vegas for the fun of Vegas and screw the race.  Meh.
  • My place is being overrun by crickets (overrun is a strong word, but even one is one too many).  Ugh crickets.  Even worse, Oscar's favorite thing to do is catch a cricket, bite it and shake it a bit, then let go so it's writhing on the floor in pain.  Leaving me to have to go near it for a mercy kill.  I am slightly terrified of jumping insects (I get this "they're coming right for me!" feeling when I see them), so having to go near them to kill them does not make me happy.  Ugh crickets.
  • Speaking of Oscar, he is apparently as graceful as his mommy.  We were standing at the top of the stairs, and I started to go down, realized I forgot something, and turned back around.  Oscar attempted to follow, and instead, fell down the steps.  He literally went head over tail all the way down, hitting each step along the way.  I felt so bad, and all I could think was he was going to break his back again.  That sucked.  
  • I have been trying to catch up on my TV shows lately.  I managed to FINALLY watch the last episode of Game of Thrones, and I caught the rest of The Walking Dead Season (just in time for the second season to start next week).  Excellent.  I have also been going back and watching Chuck.  I'm slightly confused.  So many people have said how much they disliked Season 2, and only ONE person I know liked it (he liked it so much, it is one of the reasons I decided to keep watching after I thought Season One was kind of meh).  Um, what are you people smoking?  Season 2 is freaking incredible.  Seriously.  Incredible.  
  • And...last but not least, one of my most random pet peeves.  I despise when radio stations change the song lyrics to make them fit the local area.  Example, one of the stations around here change the lyrics in Lady Gaga's song from Nebraska to Philadelphia.  Or, in, Party in the USA (dying of shame I am referencing a Miley Cyrus song), Z100 always changed the lyrics to "and Z100 was on" (in a song about California btw, NOT New York).  No!  You wouldn't change Sinatra's New York, New York song to Philadelphia, Philadelphia (yes, I realize that makes no sense...but you wouldn't change it to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania either) and it drives me insane that they think its cool to change these songs.  Also, yes, I realize I just used Frank Sinatra and Miley Cyrus in the same example, and I apologize immensely to Sinatra's memory, but I'm just making a point.  It drives me insane.   Grr.  Stupid irrational anger of mine.  :-)
Anyways, that's about it.  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  

*Taylor Swift (meh, I figured I already referenced Miley Cyrus, may as well finish it off with Taylor Swift).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When I kiss your lips. Ooh I start to shiver, can't control the quivering inside*

Stupid comments

  • The half marathon is in less than 9 weeks.  I am so boned.
  • I used to have this HUGE girl crush on Zoey Deschanel, until I saw her in this AWFUL show the New Girl.  UGH.  Hate.  Pretty much every stupid stereotype in a show.  Just awful.  (I hope none of you like it). It has really...tarnished her appeal.  So disappointed.
  • I took a short cut to work the other day.  This short cut took me TWO HOURS to get to work.  It was a really shitty short cut.  I will not be going that way again.
  • I went running in my neighborhood yesterday.  I brought my phone with me because I was planning to meet J at the bar later and I was thinking she may call.  Instead, JH called, and I was so busy trying to figure out how to ignore the phone call, I ran into a gate.  Literally ran into the gate.  I'm thinking this is why people don't run with phones...
Yeah, I don't know.  I work a lot.  I don't really do anything else.  I'm so boring.  

*Phil Collins - OMG, I have NO idea why this song is randomly in my head.  And yet, I keep singing it ALL DAY!!!  Wouldn't you agree? Baby you and me got a groovy kind of love.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Promise I'm worthy to hold in your arms*

My house is looking a whole lot more put together after this weekend.  I invited some family and friends over on Saturday morning, fed them breakfast, and then put them to work moving and building furniture, hanging pictures, etc.  

I'm still hanging up a few more pictures, but for the most part, the place looks great.  My bedroom looks fantastic.  I still have one more picture to hang above my bed, and I am having a slight dilemma.  The wall is not a normal wall.  I think it may be a brick wall with a layer of drywall or something over it (ha, I know NOTHING about how houses are built, so I may be completely wrong).  It's the connecting wall to my neighbor's house, so it's definitely thicker than normal.  ANYWAYS, I have bent 2 nails trying to hammer them in, so I think I'm giving up on that method.

I have no desire to drill a hole in the wall (and I'm sure J, my landlord is strongly agreeing with that statement), so I'm not sure what to do.  I could use the command strips, but I am a little wary about that (it's a heavy frame, hanging above my head as I sleep...what could possibly go wrong?), or I could just put nothing there.  Blah.  Suggestions????  Ones that don't require drilling a hole, thanks.


I am also in a period of...mourning (for lack of a better word).  I had my Garmin in my running shoes, and my running shoes in my gym bag, but the bag wasn't zipped.  My shoe fell out of the bag on my way to the car one morning so I grabbed it and threw it in the car.  Can we see where this is going?

My Garmin was nowhere to be seen for about a week.  Every morning, while walking Oscar, I would search the area hoping that this would be the day I found it.  Finally, on Friday, I see it laying under the tree next to my car.  

Yeah, that's not going to be doing me any good anymore.  Sigh.  (Also, where the heck was this thing all week???  It definitely was NOT under that tree all week).

I can't afford to buy a new one this month, but I'm hoping to work it into my budget next month.  I feel like I'm running naked without this thing.  It's awful.


Football this year.  It's killing me.  That is all.

*Adele -(I've been listening to her as I unpack.  I just hope I don't start associating her with bad things.)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

But time has changed nothing at all -You're still the only one that feels like home. *

Until this weekend, I had a mess in the study, but every other room was basically unpacked and put away and not messy.  Ha!  Now, every single room in the house is a DISASTER!  I kind of want to hire a dumpster to come and just throw out everything in the house.  Argh.

The Ikea furniture showed up, and so far I've constructed my dresser and hall table, and constructed, then deconstructed (I was so pissed, I got all the way to the end before realizing I put the sides on wrong...sucked), so, I then reconstructed my TV stand.  Stupid.  In the process I managed to crush my finger (OMG hurt SOOOO bad).  My nail is bruised and ugly :-(  

My TV also showed up.  Unfortunately, the TV showed up on Saturday, BEFORE the TV stand arrived.  And I don't trust myself to pick up the TV on my, the TV is chilling on the floor, next to the TV stand.  It looks great.  

Sigh, why am I not unpacked yet?

*Missy Higgins - LOVE this song

Friday, September 23, 2011

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks*

  • I love that I'm not the only nerd out there and other people liked my awesome shower curtain :-)
  • I have plans to be painting old furniture and building new Ikea furniture this weekend. Not to mention the cleaning and laundry. Oh joy. I really miss having housekeeping...I am still REALLY thinking about finding someone to come twice a month to do my floors and bathroom and kitchen, and I'll just do light cleaning in between. Is that ridiculous?
  • The mosquitos around here are INSANE.  I don't know if it's just bad everywhere, but I swear, everytime I walk outside I get 5 new bites.  Not to mention I let about 10 in to the house to bite me randomly through out the night.  I'm pretty much just one big bite right now. 
  • My fantasy football is pretty much the stuff of nightmares.  Sigh.  I am not a fan. (Also, I'm not exactly spending much time on it like I used to, so I don't foresee it getting any better).
  • I have been sick pretty much all week.  And by sick, I mean pretty much coming straight home and curling up in bed after dinner.  (I dont think I stayed awake past 8:15 until last night when I made it all the way to 9:30).  This means no running.  This means I haven't gone running SINCE CHICAGO (moving pretty much screwed me up for about two weeks there...).  So that's like THREE weeks, no running.  Not only do I feel like shit, my half marathon training is not exactly progressing as it should.  Sigh.  This half marathon is going to suck big time.  Hopefully this weekend, I'll feel up to running.  I've been feeling so sick...I don't even miss running.  That's unheard of. 
Anyways, hope everyone has a great weekend.  I'm going to go take a nap I think. 

*Foster the People - meh, not really feeling clever when it comes to music lately...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tell me to run and I'll race, If you want me to stop I'll freeze*

Wells Fargo is completely ridiculous. 

I went shopping last night and bought a new TV (I caved) and toaster oven at hhgregg, and a shelving unit thing from Bed Bath and Beyond for my bathroom last night on my debit card.  Then, I went to the ATM and tried to withdraw $20 in cash.  It got denied. 

I then get a phone call from the fraud prevention hotline at Wells Fargo.  They don't question if I authorized the charge to hhgregg, or the charge to BB&B.  However, they DID question if I authorized the $20 withdrawal.  My money feels very safe from those fraudulent $20 withdrawals....


I am almost finished my bathroom. 

All I really needed was a shelf unit for my towels, however, I still don't have a bathmat.  I can't decide if I still NEED or a bathmat, or if it is not necessary.  What do YOU think?  I also have two pictures I eventually plan to hang, but hanging pictures is not high on my list of priorities right now.

I love the brightness of the room (I know, the above photo is kind of dim...but I swear it's bright!).  It's a pretty light blue with BRIGHT yellow towels and bathroom acessories. 

Then, if you walk in further, you can see the bright yellow part of my shower curtain and start to get a glimpse of what a nerd I am. 

Why yes, I DO have a shower curtain with the periodic table of elements on it...

I love my bathroom. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

I've had enough of so-so, for the rest of my life*

Hi, I'm still alive!

I finally got cable and internet hooked up to my house yesterday, and I come home from work today, sit on the couch, all excited to watch TV. TV broke.  Argh.

I have plans to buy a new TV, but I've spent SO MUCH MONEY this past month that I was really trying to hold off until November/December time frame before buying it.  Blargh, I may be buying a new TV this weekend.  Along with some new tires (yeah, I still haven't bought those either).  

However, I did buy a shit ton of furniture this weekend (and spent a shit ton of money doing it).  That all gets delivered this Sunday.  And then I get to spend the rest of my life building it (I bought it from Ikea, I'm cheap like that...and seriously, furnishing almost an entire apartment isn't easy on the budget).

I feel like I'm in this awkard settling stage where, I'm not in a huge rush to finish unpacking anything else.  The house is livable, and the only room still not unpacked is my study (and my clothing is not unpacked, but I'm waiting for my dresser, and I have to paint the other).  However, the study still drives me insane every time I walk by (I have solved this by keeping the door shut at all times...).  

I also find that I'm having to buy a bunch of stuff that I used to own, and yet got misplaced when I moved into the hotel (like a broom, and trash cans, and things like that).  It has not been a cheap process.   

Oscar is also not settling in as well as I had hoped.  Oddly enough, he is not barking too excessively (don't get me wrong, he has his moments), but I was DREADING leaving him the first day here alone.  Yeah, he slept all day.  No worries there.  Ugh, however, the BATHROOM use is KILLING me.  

He has a backyard that he basically refuses to go in.  He will practically cross his legs and do the pee-pee dance and NOT GO. At night, after a few attempts, he will finally give in and go, but I don't really have time to deal with this in the morning, so I put his leash on and take him out front and he will go RIGHT AWAY.  Argh.  What does he have against freedom and going to the bathroom off leash????  I even tried taking him out back with his leash on, still no go.  He is the most ridiculous dog ever.

I'm trying to get a little more decorated in the upcoming weeks, but I'll do the big reveal soon.  (I hope to show my Nerdish-ly awesome bathroom in the next few days, I just need to find a shelf unit of some sort to hold my towels.)

So, yes, moved in and sort of settled.  In need of a new TV.  In need of a new personality for my dog.  In need of someone to unpack my study. That'd be great!

*Sugarland (this song makes me think of summers in Virginia)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I used to want you so bad, I'm so over that*

I finally moved.  I have my own place again!

Is it wrong to be so in love with my new headboard and comforter?  And the blue walls?  (The picture does not do this justice.  It looks AMAZING in person).

The place is pretty much a disaster area, but I unpacked a decent amount last night.  The living room is at least livable now.  Only one box still to be unpacked there. 

My goal for tonight is to unpack the kitchen and dining room, and MAYBE some of the boxes in the bedroom.  Tomorrow will be for organizing the bedroom closet and study, but I can't really unpack anything in there until I get new furniture this weekend. 

Yay my own stuff!

*Beyonce - again with this song stuck in my head.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When you lose yourself, you find the key to paradise*

  • I'm in the process of moving.  It's not making me happy.  Stupid rain. 
  • I am almost entirely out of the hotel.  I have a lot of stuff.  Even after donating, I have too many items of clothing (especially since it feels like I wear the same five shirts all the time...).  Maybe I will go through and donate some more.
  • I am exhausted.  It's only Wednesday.  I need more sleep. 
  • I saw RR last night.  I couldn't make it all the way to Richmond in one trip.  I was too tired.
  • The drive down to RR isn't too bad.  Hopefully, I will get to see her more now. 
  • I am down in the Richmond area today and tomorrow.  I can't wait for this move to be over.
  • I am so tired, I started to cry at a Salvation Army campaign being discussed on the radio this morning (poor children with no shoes!). 
  • I donated to the poor children with no shoes. 
  • I really need sleep. 
  • I can't decide what cable package to get.  Too many choices! 
  • This move is stressing me out a bit.  However, I keep telling myself...yay new place (and oven!). 
I have no more words to share.  Hope everyone is having a lovely week.  Even with this awful rain. 

*Zac Brown Band (I love this song.  Makes me happy everytime I hear it.  Seems like a good day to listen it...)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Trip

First off, thank you everybody for all the happy birthday phone calls, texts, emails, facebook messages, whatever you sent. It was really nice to get so many.  :-)

Secondly, Chicago is soooo much fun. I always forget exactly HOW MUCH I love this city, until I go again. Every trip is so much fun, and it’s still on my list of cities to possibly live. (The winter is kind of crappy though, pretty much the only thing holding me back…).

I went with Spazzoid (she agreed to this name…) this time. We are not so good at the whole self portrait thing, however, I still think this is a pretty adorable picture of the two of us. We look amused and confused, which is pretty much how we probably looked the entire time here.

Well, maybe not amused the ENTIRE time. The Spazzoid wanted to kill me a few times with the whole walking thing. I am normally very anti-walking. I prefer to run or drive most places…EXCEPT when I’m on vacation in a new city. Then, I want to walk EVERYWHERE. Spazzoid does not. Compromises had to be made.

We also jam packed as much tourist-y things as possible into our two days in the city.

The very first thing we did was get pizza. Yummm…deep dish pizza that I’ve been craving for about 5 years now. (I’m contemplating having a frozen one delivered to my place as a welcome to your new home/yay oven gift to myself).

Why yes, I DID take a picture of my pizza...

We went to Navy Pier and rode the Ferris wheel and swings (the swings were awesome), and ate at Harry Caray’s. I still think the man was kind of weird looking, and the bronzed version is just creepy. I also got distracted walking back from the bathroom (I SWEAR I saw someone I knew) and wasn’t paying close attention and tried to sit down at some random people’s table. Ooops, my bad.

We went to the Sears Tower (Or, the Willis Tower I suppose now) and stood out on the little glass sky deck thing (slightly disconcerting when you first step out). Went to Millenium Park and took pictures of the bridge and the bean and the amphitheater thing. I actually really like that park. I apparently like weird metal sculpture type things.  Yeah, Blogger is pissing me off with picture lay outs and I'm not going to bother fixing it...sorry.

The Bean

The Amphitheater at Millenium Park

View from the Sears Tower

Sad attempt at a self portrait at the Sears Tower

Our hotel was conveniently located a block from Michigan Ave, so we obviously explored the shops (including the American Girl doll store). Saw this hilarious statue of Marilyn Monroe (who is beautiful even as a 30ish foot Amazon). The men were just excited to stand under her skirt.

We were also only about 4 blocks from the waterfront, so I got to go on my run along the Lakefront path. And it was absolutely beautiful and fun and I want to run along this path like every day of my life. It is awesome.

In fact, that’s pretty much the only word I can use to describe Chicago. It’s just awesome and I’m so glad I got to go for my birthday.

Now, let the week of moving commence. I’m almost in my new place!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The sad middle class I problems I face

The biggest annoyance about the storm for me last night?  The rain broke my phone.  Argh.  I was on the phone and got out of my car and it got wet and it broke the microphone.

THREE days before my phone is eligible for an upgrade.  

Luckily, I had kept my last phone (I usually donate them when I get a new phone) because the eris had a really crappy alarm clock on it.  So, the Verizon Wireless guy at the store couldn't fix it, but he helped me activate my old phone so I could at least have a phone of some sort (the only downfall to having your cell phone being your only phone).  

However, I don't have any contacts in there from my new phone (so if you gave me your number sometime in the last 2 years or so, I probably don't have it) because the card holder on my old phone is damaged and they couldn't download the contacts onto the new phone manually b/c it's so crappy.  Sigh.  Hopefully, when I eventually get my new phone I can re-transfer them.  We'll see.  I'm special like that and will probably have issues getting that to work.  

But now I'm trying to pick out a new phone.  I had it narrowed down to the Droid 3 and the Samsung Charge, but now I'm seeing the Droid Bionic comes out in about a week and a half, and maybe I should wait and see that one?  

The difficult decisions I face.

Sadly, I won't have my phone in time for Chicago, which is kind of crappy b/c I wanted to be able to use the nav system on my phone.  Blargh.  I may reactivate the phone before going to Chicago and using the awesome cousin's phone as our phone in case someone needs to reach us and my phone for the maps?  Who knows.  (I could just be old fashioned and use an actual paper map, but that seems like a lot of work...).

And yes, I did just write an entire post about my phone.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank God I found the good in goodbye*

  • I went camping this weekend.  I now have 46 bug bites (at my last count, I may have missed a few).  I was dinner for the entire park's population of bugs.  Including the numerous crickets that kept jumping on my head (yes, I was wearing bug spray, I swear).  Luckily, the beer was plentiful and the company was lovely, so I still had a fantastic time. I also discovered a previously unknown skill I have.  I can't cook bacon without burning it on a normal stove.  But, I can apparently cook it on a bunsen burner type camp stove (I also make some mad good french toast).  Good to know
  • There is a contractor at work that is constantly wearing an Utley jersey.  He wears it so often, that when I see actual pictures of Utley (or see him on TV), I think to myself, that's not Chase Utley.  Then I remember that I'm apparently a moron.  Just because someone WEARS a Chase Utley shirt, it doesn't actually MAKE them Chase Utley.  The fact I even have to remind myself of this makes me realize why people think I'm an airhead.
  • After a few days in a row of rain, my mom would throw us outside in our raincoats and tell us to play outside (she wouldn't do this in the middle of a storm or anything, so don't think my mom was endangering us in anyway).  Apparently, we were a bit...high strung after being cooped up indoors for a few days in a row.  I find that I am STILL this way.  I didn't run much last week because of weather and work and then I was at the beach/camping this weekend so didn't run then either.  I only ran once for 3 miles last week.  That is apparently not enough for me.  I have been so squirrelly lately (I left work too late last night to run again).  Today, I HAD to run.  I even bailed on dinner with some friends because I REALLY had to go running.  I feel a little less stabby, and a lot more rational (seriously, sometimes I cringe at how irrational I can get).  So that's a plus.  
  • So how about that earthquake?  At first we all thought that something out on the production floor had exploded or something (we were trying to repair a robot and I thought maybe something had gone horribly wrong).  And then, I realized it's an earthquake.  I wasn't scared or anything, just a little disconcerted.  However, I'm quite glad I wasn't in Virginia this week.  That would have been a little more disconcerting I'm sure.  Unfortunately, I have to go to VA for the day again on Tuesday.  That's a lot of driving for one day.  Sigh.
  • However, then on Friday, I'm going to CHICAGO!!!!  I CANNOT WAIT.  Seriously.  CANNOT WAIT.  EEK!
  • I've been trying to find a used copy of Knit. Sock. Love. for what seems like forever.  I am cheap.  I don't want to pay $27 for a knitting book.  However, the used copies are MORE than the new copies?  Um, $145 for a USED copy of a $27 book?  Is it gold plated???  WTF?  
*Beyonce (As annoying as I find Beyonce, I have a kind of girl crush on her and Rihanna.  Go figure).  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 songs

I did something very unlike me, and I'm so proud of myself.

I'm very anti-confrontations and usually avoid them at all costs.  But, I've been thinking and thinking and thinking, and I couldn't take it anymore.  I really didn't want to just give up on a friend, so I said something.  And honestly? Even if nothing changes, I feel much better and I said my piece, and at least if something bad happens between us, I tried. 

Yay me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment*

I think I mentioned helping RR move in my last rambling post.  Although we moved some stuff ourselves, her new company hired her professional movers to pack up her stuff and send it to VA.  You'd think this would help make the move easier, no?  However, I'm dreading my move (being up here while all my stuff I need to move in VA is not going to make this move any easier) because honestly, this move was just not fun, and I'm worried mine will suck just as much logistically.

It started out amusingly.  The movers came at the beginning of the week and packed up her stuff for her.  While there, they asked her if the bong was coming.  Um, it's a hookah, from Israel (no really, it actually was a hookah) and yes it's coming.  They were apparently VERY thorough and made sure they packed everything.  Including these lovely bits of lint that were very carefully placed in the box with her other valuables (who packs lint???).

They then proceeded to load one truck with her stuff and drive it to the warehouse to transfer it to a different moving company's truck (I have NO IDEA).  Somewhere in this process they managed to damage at least 3 pieces of her furniture, and I'm not even sure what else.  Originally, it was thought the delivery date would be Monday, so RR planned to drive up to Virginia (from South Carolina) on Friday evening, stay the night with K and I in Richmond, and then drive the last hour and a half to her place at a leisurely rate.  That would give her two days to get her keys and clean the apartment before the movers show up.

That Friday evening, while driving up to Richmond, the movers call and tell her that now they will be arriving at her place first thing Saturday morning.  Um, nice 14 hour notice?  The rental place was going to be closed by the time she got up there, so she didn't really have much choice other than staying in Richmond as planned and waking up at the butt crack of dawn to drive further north and get her keys early Saturday morning and hopefully have an hour or so to clean.  Not ideal, but doable.

She gets her keys, goes to her apartment...and they don't work.  She is then told by the rental company that the keys work for everyone but her, she must be using them wrong (ha! apparently she's an idiot that hasn't figured out the basic mechanics of a key!).  THREE different people show up and are unable to get into her apartment (but you know, the keys totally work!).  At this point, the movers have also arrived and are starting to bring her boxes of stuff in and basically piling them up in the hallway because there is nowhere else to put them.

Locksmiths are called, the maintenance guy is called, and about 2-3 hours later, she FINALLY gets in her apartment, where apparently the air conditioner is leaking and water is running down the middle of the bedroom floor.  The maintenance people tell her, oh we don't work on Sundays.  Put a towel under it and call us on Monday.  Seriously?

I think at that point I would have been a little bitchy and told them that their asses were there now and they were going to fix it now.  But, we were so tired and just relieved to be in the apartment, that it wasn't even worth fussing over.  And, the maintenance people and movers all appeared to be under the impression that I was RR's girlfriend, and I didn't want them thinking she was dating a bitchy girl.  Got to keep my reputation intact.

It started raining with half her stuff laying around outside off the truck.  It was like a thousand degrees inside the apartment (hi, no air conditioning).  We had no food or water at the apartment thanks to the 14 hour notice and the keys not working, leaving no time to run and grab anything.

All in all, it was a rough day.  And I keep thinking, I have to do this myself in about a month.  Hopefully mine goes a little smoother (I at least already have a key that I know works...that's a plus).

*Eminem (I just listened to most ATROCIOUS Taylor Swift cover of this song.  It was awful.  So I had to listen to the original)