Sunday, October 23, 2011

If I had the time, I'd stop the world and make you mine, and everyday would stay the same with you*

Random rundown

Little H turned 4 this weekend.  I can't believe how old he's getting.  I apparently had camnesia this weekend, and didn't take hardly ANY pictures.  I did get a cute one of D and Little H and his Lego gifts (Little H is a little distracted).  So, I guess you will have to settle for that.


I ran the scheduled 7 miles this weekend.  I have abandoned all hope of actually running and finishing this thing, so now I am on a, just get to the finish line kick.  I did a run 2 mile, walk quarter mile type thing this weekend.  And, while I was incredibly slow, I actually felt like I could finish this race for the first time.  So I guess that's a plus.  


Ever go on a date and not know you were going on a date until after you were on said date?  Ha!  I accidentally did.  That was awkward.  And no, I will NOT give details.  The entire thing just needs to be forgotten.  :-)


Some friends/family also came up with some more...less useful things I am great at:
  1. loving a deranged dog that nobody else could love
  2. I am flypaper for freaks (I'm so good at that one).
  3. I injure myself in the most bizarre ways.  (Just a few examples: breaking my foot twice while walking, stepping on a broken bottle and requiring 10 stitches, or kneeling on a needle and needing surgery).  RR apparently tells her friends all about me.  Her favorite story to tell is about me walking across the Best Buy parking lot and breaking my foot.  She fails to mention the totally hardcore part where I drove 30 minutes home...WITH A STICK SHIFT AND A BROKEN FOOT.  
  4. I can bust out Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby or Sir Mix A lot's Baby got Back in their entirety. It's a good party trick.
  5. I'm good at being paranoid.  This one is really just obnoxious.
So there you go, five MORE things I'm great at. 


I totally sound like someone you want to be friends with right?  :-P

*Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - I randomly really like this song.  I think I'm still a closet Oasis fan.  :-)


R said...

i love being friends with you ...
where else would i get my stories and party entertainment :)
<3 u!

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