Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sometimes I find it's better to be somebody else*

It appears that I have more than my fair share of wardrobe malfunctions.  I would like to share the wealth if I may. 

I stopped to buy coffee on my way to work this morning and some jerk pushed me out of his way into the door (like actually PUSHED me) and the lock on the door caught on my pocket as I was stumbling and ripped down my pants.  As in, HUGE HOLE in my pants.  The material of the pocket lining kept me from exposing my underwear to everyone in the store...but still quite embarassing.

However, I DID get a free cup of coffee after that.  Thanks Panera!

Unfortunately I had to go home and change pants and then drive back to work, so I was much later this morning than I had intended. 

I realize that I am a klutz, and I buy cheap clothes that get thrown out every 6-12 months, but seriously.  Who rips their pants as often as I do?  I'm sad because I actually liked the pants I was wearing today (and these things had lasted 2 they were way past their expiration date...but still!).  Grrr.  Also, the stupid jerk who pushed me didn't even check to see if I was ok. 

I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe he just got a call that his wife went into labor or something like that.  But it still pisses me off.  Anyone who talks about Southern Hospitality is full of shit.  I'm just saying. 

Anyways, hope everyone else is having a fantastic week.  Now that our A/C is fixed...I'm a lot less grumpy (well except for that whole ripped pants situation). 


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let's toast the night away to friends, and forget about tomorrow*

there has been working out, and knitting, and running, and making jewelry and playing Wii.  All rolled into one week!  I feel so active I'm not sure what to do with myself!

I even ran yesterday mid-monsoon! 

When I got to the park, the sky was really overcast and it was pretty humid, however, I've been running ALL summer and it looks like this all the time, but never actually rains.  After thinking about it for a minute, I decided to brave it and hope the rain would hold off again. 

I had JUST turned onto the dirt path and it started to rain lightly.  I figured it wasn't that bad and kept going.  Then, the skies opened and it was a complete DOWNPOUR.  It was raining so hard, I couldn't hear my music on my headphones.  After less than 20 seconds I looked like I had jumped into the pond. 

At this point, I figured I was already soaked, I wasn't really going to get any wetter, and I only had another mile and a half left to run.  So, I just hoped my electronics would be ok (my phone and mp3 player were tucked in my bra which was already soaked through) and kept on going. 

It rained so hard and so quickly, the path quickly started flooding in places.  I had to run through "rivers" of rain that were 2-3" deep in places, and mud was running down hill making the path really slippery.  I was actually a little concerned the pond would have flooded the path at the bottom of the hill and I wouldn't be able to get through, but it was ok. 

Then, just as I got back to the main path and had less than a tenth of a mile left, it stopped raining.  I kind of feel like mother nature was telling me not to go on that run and she just gave up after I ignored her.  Eh, I never was any good at taking advice I don't like.  :-) 

So, I drove home soaking wet (I'm pretty sure my clothes weighed an extra 10 lbs from all the water) and my car seat is STILL a little damp.  Stupid water. 

Irritatingly, our A/C is STILL broken, and K doesn't seem too concerned with getting it fixed which is kind of pissing me off.  So Oscar and I have been sleeping at A's house (thank you A!) and playing Wii while I'm there, but seriously.  I would really like to be able to sleep in my own damn bed.  Ugh. 

Anyways, I should get back to work.  Happy Hump Day!

*New Found Glory

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today my grandpa would have turned 85. 

I still look to the staircase EVERY time I go to my grandma's house, thinking he's going to come walking down the stairs.  I still think he's going to answer the phone, "you're looking wonderful" when I call.  I still keep thinking I'm going to hear "go get 'em tiger" or some other variation of that farewell. 

I still think he's going to be at camp this year singing Abdul Abulbul Amir(how the heck do you spell that?) and the Jailhouse song.  I still think he's going to be our social director at the Cousins Aquaintance Maintenance Program (otherwise known as CAMP). 

I still think he's just going to be THERE.

I still miss him. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Take my hand, cause we're walking out of here...*

I've been having a lovely little mini-vacation here this week.

I'm off to see DMB tonight, so I decided to take my comp days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so I wouldn't be worrying about work or anything else.  I could just go and enjoy the concert.

R was also supposed to be here (another reason to take the 3 days off since I rarely get to hang out with her), but work came up for her and she couldn't make it.  Very disappointing.  I was so excited to see her again.  (So now we have an extra ticket...anyone up for a last minute trip to Virginia Beach today?).  We've even got a hotel room you can crash in with us!

I've been slowly starting to sort through my bedroom.  I'm trying to figure out what is getting moved with me in September and what is staying behind at the house vs what is going into storage. 

I moved a couple more things into storage yesterday, but ugh, my room still looks like a disaster area.  Even worse, I'm not entirely sure what to do to make it look less cluttered and messy.  It was clean until I started trying to "clean" it.  Now I have stuff that I'm not entirely sure what to do with it.  It's already driving me insane and it's only been 2 days...

I'm kind of ready to start packing packing for reals, but a the same time, I'm not moving until the first weekend in September.  I will most likely want to USE this stuff before then.  Packing it up is not the best idea.  Ugh. 

I think I'm just ready to this lack of action is pissing me off.  Come on September!  Get here already!  I'm ready to move on! 

And, randomly, I'm craving pulled pork nachos from Q'doba.  Except I JUST had them on Saturday (or maybe it was Sunday).  I don't really need to eat them again.  I just really want to.

Ok, off to raid the fridge for something that's not nachos!  Have a lovely day!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

You know the type of day you ain't lettin' bad vibes invade your spirit*

Hi people that don't like to read about bras should just stop reading now.  Just letting you know!

I went shopping for some new shirts to wear for work the other night, and decided I really needed a new sports bra because I'm down to only one that I feel comfortable running in.  And even my other crappy ones that I use for the gym are getting nasty.  Hence...need a new one.

Anyways.  I went to Dick's Sporting Goods which usually has the best selection of UnderArmour bras (which are AWESOME by the way).  Except, this time, they didn't really have the best selection.  I was really upset.  Last time I went, they had A LOT of C and D level support bras.  These are the ones that are made for high impact activities like running or jumping. 

Except, this time they only had TWO bras with a C or D rating (as in TWO total in the entire store).  The others are A/B which are low impact like walking or light aerobics. 

Now, if I had no boobs, I could probably get by with those, but I have boobs.  And they like to bounce.  And this hurts. 

So I took the only two bras with me into the dressing room to try them on.  And the first one was AWFUL.  It was labeled as an XL.  Except,  this thing didn't even come down far enough to even begin covering my boobs.  If I wanted to support my neck and upper chest, this would have been a perfect bra for it. 

However, those areas don't tend to bounce or need support so it was completely useless.  I was so confused.  This thing would probably have fit a 12 year old before puberty.  What person with XL boobs is this made to fit?  I even checked the tag to make sure I didn't accidentally grab a small or something, but no, it was an XL. 

We won't even discuss the ridiculous contortions I had to go through to get back OUT of this thing.

So I tried on the other bra which was a L and this thing fit great.  No issues.  Explain this to me please.  Granted, it's a different design, but still, if a L in one type fits normally, but the XL in a different style is comically would appear to be a flaw in your sizing.  Just saying.

Also, mini-rant. 

As I was looking at the bras, they all kept talking about how the bra lifts and seperates while supporting to give shape.  Seriously?  When I run, I don't want my boobs lifted and separated.  I want them smushed as close to me as possible so that I'm not bouncing everywhere.  Am I really so abnormal to want this?  I just thought it was such a weird description for a sports bra. 

So, although I got a new bra, I am very disappointed because I was planning to buy 2-3 and the fact that I couldn't even find that many bras in the store pissed me off.  Apparently only stick skinny girls with no boobs bother to work out anymore? 

*Gym Class Heroes

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And if your heart is beating free, for the very first time it'll be all right*

Every muscle in my body is aching.  And honestly...that should NOT be the case.  Yes, SOME of my muscles should be sore because my gym workout was hard and I used a bunch of muscles I don't usually use. 

However, I did not exercise my hip flexors in any way and even those are KILLING me.  I literally feel like I was beat with a stick and I don't really want to move in anyway.  My legs feel like I just ran 20 miles yesterday.  Except I didn't.

In fact, I ran a grand total of about 10 steps while buying a new pair of running shoes.  (Yay new running shoes!).  I'm going to try and run the hilly loop twice today. 

Physically, I think I can do it (or at least do most of it).

However, I have such mental issues with this path.  I don't know why I psyche myself out so easily while running it.  But, it's always such a struggle to finish one loop.  And then, when I finish and decide to just walk, I feel fine like I can run another couple miles. 

I know it's mental, I'm just not really sure how to get past it.  But, I won't get past it unless I keep forcing myself to try.  Right?

If I do manage to finish the loop twice...I plan to go shopping for some more disposable work clothes.  I'm sick of all my shirts (and a lot of them have machine grease and other random stains on them) so it's time to get a new rotation of clothing.  (I miss having a clean job that didn't make all my clothes smell funny or have weird stains).  I'll pretend it's like a reward for a job well done.  :-) 

Hope everyone is having a good day!

*Black Crowes

Saturday, July 10, 2010

You don't know what you don't know*

Last night was one of my first real social evenings I've had in a while.  I'm not going to lie, I had been DREADING it all day.  It was a really bad day and the last thing I wanted to do was hang out with anyone any more than I had to. 

But, I went and I had some good steak and actually had a really good time.  So, I'm glad I forced myself to go.
After dinner, I went out in the Fan with my friend KW and her friend from work.  We went to one french bar where I did not feel hip enough to be there and really wanted to leave.  Then, we went to another new bar and it reminded me so much of the pub R and I went to when we were in Scotland and it made me want to go back. 

So I'm thinking maybe a trip with her will be coming up sometime in the near (or not so near) future. 

I ended up staying out later than I should have.  I was EXHAUSTED by 11PM, but ended up staying out until I was super tired when I got home.  Barely had the energy to make it to my bed before passing out and waking up to come to work. 

But, even though I was so tired, it was so nice to just be out and social again and remember the fact that I have FRIENDS and I can go out sometimes.  I swear, this past month and a half has made me feel like a total recluse with this work schedule of mine.  I'm so glad it's almost finished. 

As a post-shutdown celebration, KW and I (and hopefully R!) are going to go see Dave Matthews Band at Virginia Beach on July 20th.  So, I'm already planning my comp days for that.  :-)  I'm actually really excited to go.  He's not necessarily my favorite, but he always puts on a good show, and it will be fun to hang out with KW and R. 

I also need to figure out what vacation time I have left so I can figure out how many days I can take in September before moving up north. 


Thursday, July 8, 2010

But I found it so entertaining, messing around with your head*

I woke up to go running the other morning...and decided sleep was better than running (it really is), and slept for another couple of hours.  Then I ended up staying at work SUPER late (it was past my bedtime by the time I got home from work) so I didn't go then.

I think I would like to go today.  Even if it is dark when I get out of here.

I have my fun reflective vest.  I'll just have to avoid the parks and run back in the municipal complex by the house. 

I think I'll just aim for a VERY SLOW 2 mile run today.  Start back easy :-)

And...I still have nothing exciting to talk about.  So have a good night!

*Lily Allen

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is this the time and place or am i just off my face*

I'm starting to get the itch to go running again.  It's been so bad this week! 

However, I've been getting to work at 6 and leaving around 7pm and I'm just so tired by this point that there is no way in hell I want to do anything that involves physical energy being spent. (In fact, I was so tired yesterday I didn't even bother to eat dinner.  Just showered and slept until this morning).  SO...I haven't gone running since either Friday or Saturday (I forget when I last posted about it). 

On a positive note, I don't have to go to work quite so early tomorrow.  Which means, I COULD wake up at the same time and just go for a short run at the park before going to work.  OR...I could sleep in. 

I'm so torn. 

Running sounds great.  However, so does sleep.  I miss sleeping.  I would really LIKE to sleep.  But, I would also really like to run and I'm going to be at work late again tomorrow so I won't get a chance to go after work. 

The dilemmas I face...

Sadly, I don't have a life right now outside of work, so I don't really have anything to write about.  The 4th of July was nice.  I went and saw fireworks with KW at the Diamond after I left work for the day.  Hung out and drank some beer at her place before hand.  Nothing wild or crazy involved (at least not that I would talk about...). 

And yeah, I've been working.  That's about it. 

I'm so ready for shutdown to be OVER and I can return to my slacker hours.  That will make me happy!

*The Stiff Dylans

Saturday, July 3, 2010

And the only pleasure he gets out of life is rambling from town to town*

Happy 4th of July weekend!

This week has sucked. 

However, I am determined to enjoy my weekend and find some fireworks to watch.  It's my goal. 
I even went running after work to try and change my mood...and it sucked.  I ran the paved path with lots of hills, and got to the last hill that is about 1/4 mile long (not super steep, just a long, gradual incline) and my legs would NOT go up.  They just quit. 

So I turned around and ran back the other direction and ran another half mile.  Then realized I didn't want to run another mile before getting back to the beginning, so I turned back around and ran back towards the hill. legs refused.  They were fine with EVERY other hill...even the insanely steep ones.  But that last hill just was the killer. 

I made it about half way up and finally just stopped and walked.  And then got mad at myself for not being able to finish.  How pathetic is it I couldn't finish 1/8 mile without walking? 

It was a shitty shitty run. 

Today will be better.  I swear. 

*Bob Dylan