Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Maybe this is all I have for home*

I've been SOOO tired this week and I have no idea why.  And...randomly my alarm clock has decided NOT to go off pretty much every day and I am so willing to just sleep until 11 every day.  It's annoying that i can't.  (Lucky for me I have a roommate who calls into my room at 7:30 in the morning if she hasn't heard me moving around).  Which is good...since I'm supposed to at work at 8 (obviously this hasn't really happened much this week). 

Part of my tiredness is from me being super busy and stressed at work.  When I get stressed like this, I tend to have issues sleeping and I tend to wake up 3-4 times a night.  It's obnoxious. 

Last night I had a horrible dream that I was working at my old job at the flower store (except the flower store was completely wrong and not at all like the real place) and there was some random guy at a loading dock to the ACME next door (there was no ACME next to my old job...but apparently my dream had one) and he had a shotgun.  Then we heard a loud bang and we realized someone was shooting. 

I look over and see the guy with the shotgun and his gun is smoking and he's aiming his gun again at whatever he shot the first time.  But I couldn't see who he was shooting because there was a wall in the way.  Then, I froze trying to decide if I should run and hide and make it completely obvious that I saw him shooting and he may decide to come after me.  Or if I should stay where I was and pretend I saw nothing (since there wasn't anywhere close by to hide and I probably wouldn't have made it if I had tried to run for it). 

So I stood there like I saw nothing...except like an idiot I kept staring at him and talking to my customer about how that guy shot someone and he totally heard me (from like 500 yards away but apparently he had bionic ears or something) and he aimed his gun and shot at me.  But the bullet was all Matrix-y and moving in slow motion and I managed to duck my head out of the way but it still kind of grazed by me.  And it was scary. 

And I woke up with my heart pounding and my mouth dry and I was all sorts of freaked out.  And this was at 3 in the morning.  I couldn't fall back asleep again.  So I was awake to notice that my alarm didn't go off when it was supposed to.

Total suckage this week! 

Anyways, the only good thing this week has been the running and the hills!  Yay running!  I've started going back to one of the local parks by where I used to live (Oh I LOVE this park) that has lots of fun trails that are paved or dirt and super hilly and just such a good running spot.  And I've managed to run 2-3 miles each time with minimal pain (I should say more like bearable pain...) and it just feels so good to be running again that I just don't want to stop.  It's been so great.  But I have to go to the trainer/sports medicine guy to get a new regime and I'm dreading it because he's going to be so mad that I've been running too much (I can definitely tell my knee still sucks which is terrible because I just want to go running there EVERY day!). 


I think I've written like twenty gazillion run on sentences.  So...Hope every one is having a great day.  Happy hump day!

*Rusted Root

Friday, May 21, 2010

As soon as you're born, you start dying. So you might as well have a good time*

I don't really have a cohesive thought process going on right now.  So back to bullets
  • So far I've got an even split for Option 1 and Option 2. I am apparently just going to pack both and have my family pick one for me that day (depending on how I look in them). Seems easiest.
  • However, I did find out that apparently my niece split open her lip the beginning of this week and had 8 stitches. Which seems like a lot considering how tiny her mouth is. I can't even picture how you could fit 8 stitches there. But apparently she's a trooper and is fine. But still...poor little T!
  • I am currently waiting for my lunch meeting with my mentor to start. She asked me to push it back half an hour and I am already SO HUNGRY, this extra half hour is KILLING me! I am writing this in an effort to distract my stomach.
  • They are doing some repairs this weekend.  I've been running around like crazy calling everybody to make sure that EVERYTHING is lined up and ready to go.  We're making our poor intern be the contact this weekend and I would just feel really bad making him deal with anything outside the ordinary.  So trying to make sure nothing like that happens (as much as I can anyways).
  • I'm putting together a shutdown schedule in Microsoft Project.  I HATE project.  It is the WORST scheduling tool ever.  However, considering shutdown is only 10 days and I already have 150 line items (and I'm only about half way done)...we're going to be SLAMMED.  Can't decide if I'm excited for the challenge...or dreading the bloodbath it is bound to turn into. 
  • Seriously.  SO HUNGRY.
  • I am kind of dreading this weekend.  I plan to spend the majority of it cleaning.  Both my room and my car.  My room just needs to have laundry put away.  I have a LARGE pile of it just chilling there.  My car is dreadful though.  I still haven't unpacked the trunk from over A YEAR ago.  I am just driving to the storage area and putting most of it in there.  If I haven't used it yet, I am assuming it can stay in storage for another year until I get a real place to live.  Then I would like to get my car washed.  Ideally I'd like it detailed, but I think I need to wait on that for a little while.  Don't really want to be spending the money on that. 
And now it's lunch time.  YAY!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maybe I need some rehab, or maybe just need some sleep*

More pictures!

So I need some help picking out an outfit for my cousin's wedding happening at the end of June.  I'm trying to collect as many opinions as possible before making my choice.  :-)

Option 1

This dress is a silk sleeveless dress, with an empire type waist.  I feel it poofs a little much under the boobs...BUT apparently it's low cut enough that most people only notice the boobs (at least according to R).  However, the cardigan kind of covers both issues (please ignore how messy said cardigan looks much cuter on me than on my bed) :-).  It's also loose and flowy so if I eat a lot nobody will notice and it's comfortable.  :-)


Option 2

This dress is a cotton (t-shirt type cotton) sleeveless dress.  Kind of a sheath style...not really sure how to describe it with a navy blue short sleeve cardigan.  I attempted to find a picture of it, but I bought it at a factory it's obviously a previous season's dress...and I found nothing.  There's really nothing exciting about it.  It's a little more form-fitting so if I eat too much I may get a belly poof haha.  However, it's a cotton dress, so it's also super comfortable. 

I would like to state that BOTH dresses have some super cute shoes and I'm excited to wear either ones haha.  I also have some very lovely blue jewelry that I plan to wear with either dress (thanks J!). 

Anyways...yes...this is my dilemma.

Help me choose!!!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And if you were a kiss, I know I'd be a hug*

So guess what?  Nothing in the news pissed me off today!  Go news!

Although I did like the article where BP admitted the amount of oil leaked is actually DOUBLE what they had initially said it was.  But seriously.  I'm pretty sure EVERYONE knew they were lying anyway, and I feel like it was more of a "duh" moment than an actual news story. 

I also finally recieved the android 2.1 update for my phone (I was using version 1.5) and it is SO FUN.  The only thing that is pissing me off a little is the weather app keeps forcing closed (apparently this is a common issue for some reason), and I've had to delete a few apps and re-install them so they work with the 2.1 software.  But seriously.  This phone is freaking AWESOME. 

And...the upgrade also turned my phone into a real GPS.  You know, one that talks to me with a British accent and tells me where to turn.  LOVE IT!

So, I said I would post some pictures of J's blanket, and then I just decided it would be fun to post a picture of Oscar's back with the lovely bite mark.  Yay pictures!

Pretty picture of the bite mark on Oscar's back.  I think it makes him look tough (he goes around saying, "you should see the OTHER guy").  Or like he got his ass kicked.  Whichever. 

As were taken with my phone so forgive the crappy quality (and not sure why they are such completely different sizes but I don't feel like modifying them).  You can make them bigger by clicking on them.  Anyways, here is the blanket I gave J for her baby.  I finished knitting and blocked it at 2 in the morning on Friday morning (the day I was leaving to head north).  So, it blocked for about 6 hours before I had to go to work (wasn't completely dry when I left so I left it laying out in the backseat to dry). 

Doing such a rush job of blocking kind of sucked.  I ended up using a little too much Euclan (kind of like woolite for knitted items) and had to rinse it (even though its a RINSE FREE product).  I still didn't get it all out either so I told J to wash it before using it with baby.  And since it wasn't completely dry when I put it in the car, the edges curled up again (so basically, it looked like it did before I blocked it and could have just saved myself an hour of soaking and pinning in place). 

HOWEVER, now that I'm done bitching, the blanket is super cute.  I kind of wanted to keep it for myself.  Both halves of the blanket have the "chevron" lace type pattern (facing opposite directions), but I had a light colored towel under the one side and a dark colored towel on the it's hard to see the pattern on the light colored towel side. 

The important thing is J seemed happy with it which is all I care about :-)

And yeah, that is pretty much all I have to say.  I wanted to try and post some pictures of the hotel I will be staying at next year...but for some reason it wouldn't pictures.  Maybe next time!

*Barry Louis Polisar

Monday, May 17, 2010

But ordinary's just not good enough today*! 

I've been traveling the past week or so...and didn't really want to post anything at the time.  Too busy.

I thought about posting everything I did...but's not too exciting to read about AFTER the fact.  See for yourself.
  • Baby shower for J (whose due date is SO SOON) and I FINISHED the blanket in time!  yay!  Pictures later
  • Mothers Day brunch with half the family (L's family stayed up north and couldn't join us).
  • Seminar at KOP with my work group (saw the hotel I will be living in for the next's quite nice!).  Toured the place I will be working at as well.  Lots of fun meals as well.
  • Went to SC to vist R this past weekend.  Long drive, but totatlly worth it.  Had such a great time hanging out with her.
  • Oscar got his ass kicked by the other R's dog.  He has some bite marks and such on his back but he's fine (maybe this will teach him not to steal a bigger dog's food?  Probably not)
  • Discovered a hat I MUST make for the nieces. 
Yeah, not so exciting to read. 

*Our Lady Peace

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I don't mind killing time as long as I can't see it in your eyes...*

Random bullets...I don't have the time for a real post :-P

  • I oddly really like the smell of regular cigarette smoke.  I DESPISE the smell of menthol cigarettes.  Most of my smoking friends smoke menthol cigarettes.  Ugh.
  • I LOVE color.  ADORE it.  I used to have bright pink and orange in my bedroom.  Then I added turquoise and purple to it as well.  I like my rooms to look like a crayola factory vomited in it. 
  • I tend to wear a lot of black. 
  • I am TERRIBLE at matching.  I think it's the Polish in me.  This is why I wear a lot of black.  It's pretty easy to match black with anything. 
  • I become the most miserable, bitchiest, awful person to be around if I'm hot.  Seriously.  I whine A LOT and I'm just not a happy person. 
  • Tell me again why I moved to the South???
  • I really like cheap beer. 
  • I find this to be really WEIRD (and maybe slightly creepy and only slightly sweet.).  My co-worker thinks it's adorable.  Who is right? 
And that's enough of this half-assed post. 

*The Wreckers

Sunday, May 2, 2010

So baby don't expect to see me, with no double martini in any high-brow society news*

Yesterday, the thermostat in the house couldn't go up high enough to register how hot it was.  Our thermostat goes up to 88 and the little marker was past that.  So...I made an executive decision and turned on the air.  Ha...take that! 

I was nice though, I only turned it down to 76 for a few hours and then bumped it up to 78 for the night.  I figured I had fans and I would just use those if I was too hot with it set to 78.  The air conditioner ran for about 4 hours straight to get the room down to 78...I don't think it ever got below that before I finally bumped it up to 78.  The house was so freaking hot. 

Then, when I finally woke up this morning (yeah, I decided to not bother getting to work on time this morning because I wanted ONE freaking day to wake up later than 6:30) around 9, it was already 80 something.  I got to work and was walking in around 10, and I swear I was getting sunburned in the 5 minutes I was outside.  It's going to be SO HOT today. 

On a happier note, I worked out my mom's mother day gift.  Go me!  I'm not actually buying her a gift, I will just spend my Sunday or Monday setting up her mp3 player for her.  This includes downloading the songs she wants, ripping her CDs onto her computer and transferring everything to her player.  And making her a cheat sheet to do this herself.  Happy Mother's Day mom!  That should only take...pretty much all day.  :-)

Anyways, I need to go do some actual work right now.  Need to edit that 7 page report where I mention how I'm slightly retarded and can't for the life of me figure out why this piece of equipment isn't working as it should.  I've literally run every test I can think of, made all sorts of modifications.  Nothing has worked.  So I literally wrote a 7 page report of failures.  Sigh. 

Hope everyone else had a better weekend than me!

*Jim Croce