Wednesday, June 10, 2015

18th Annual Spaghetti Dinner

We had our 18th annual Spaghetti Dinner on May 30th, and I got to show off my new house.  I was super excited, yet also kind of terrified at the large turn out we had.  My mom came back from China, My sister L and niece came back from Cali, and family friend P came from Ohio.  That's how cool our parties are.  :)

I was worried about trying to fit 37 people in my house (and so many adorable children).  But, I think it was a WONDERFUL turnout and I had a GREAT time.  No need to have worried.  

We even had L&M Bakery cake (so yummy) with a clever saying.  

It was so much fun, we should do this more than once a year :-P

Monday, June 1, 2015

Crafting room

I eventually really want something like this in my crafting room for all my yarn. I love how pretty and organized it looks. 

Unfortunately,  I have a lot of yarn and that's not really in my price range at this point.  But,  I decided vertical storage of yarn is super helpful when you want to know what yarn you already have.  And I think it's really pretty and makes a fun design feature.

So,  for $20ish dollars,  I bought 8 expandable hat racks on amazon, and I'm doing a temporary approach to storing/decorating with my yarn.  

I don't have all the yarn wounds into balls yet,  and I'm pretty sure this won't be big enough to display all the yarn.   But I'm liking it so far anyway.