Monday, March 29, 2010

Show a little faith there's magic in the night. You ain't a beauty but hey you're alright.*

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

Friday, I went out to Outback with a bunch of people from work plus the 5 contractors we have up here doing some work for us.  Yay big party.  We ate some good steak, drank a few beers and just had a good time hanging out. 

Then, as we were leaving, we decided we weren't quite ready to go home so we were going to meet up at a bar near the contractor's hotel.  Yay more beer!

What a fiasco it was getting there.  I left the restaurant and started driving the wrong way.  I'm not sure what I was thinking...but I started driving to the wrong bar thinking that's where we were meeting up.  I finally realized what I was doing, and turned around to go back the other way...except I didn't know exactly where I was or how to get where I wanted to be. 

Yay Google Maps on my phone!  Like a GPS device.  Except FAIL!  Google maps sucks and I don't know why I keep thinking they don't.  They had me out in the middle of East Bumblefuck Virginia with NO clue where I was.  I was literally on a 2 lane road in the middle of the woods with NOTHING around me and no lights or anything. 

At this point I had been driving about half an hour and was running low on gas.  Then, I drive through a DUI checkpoint.  Whatever, I was sober, I didn't really care.  But apparently the guy in front of me wasn't?  Either way it took me almost half an hour to get through the checkpoint. 

I finally found a gas station (just as my gas light came on) and got some gas and found out where I was and headed back on the road.  (At this point they were all calling me trying to find out where the hell I was).  I kept telling them I'd be there...just not sure when...and a dog ran in front of my car. 

I slammed on the brakes and just barely tapped the dog but he definitely fell over and I was convinced he was dead.  I freaked out.  I didn't really want to get out of the car on this road (I swear to God it was like a horror movie scene.  The road was all dark and foggy and NOBODY else was around for MILES and I was waiting for the killer to jump out of the bushes on the side of the raod), but I also didn't want to just leave the dog there in case it could be saved or something. 

So, I get out of the car and slowly approach the dog.  I was a few inches from the dog and was just bending down to check on him, and he JUMPED UP in my face, and barked a few times and then ran away.  I screamed and jumped back and ran to my car.  So I have no idea if he was ok.  I assume he was since he ran away and didn't appear to be limping, and I saw no blood on the road.  But, not entirely sure. 

At this point, I contemplated just giving up and going home, and the guys called again to find out where I was.  I was probably about 10 miles away at this point and decided I wanted a beer. 

I FINALLY arrive at the bar (it should have been a 20 minute drive...took me close to an hour and a half sigh), and the guys are already trashed.  And there was some awful karaoke going on.  Some guy BUTCHERED Bruce Springsteen.  It was truly cringe worthy. 

We will not discuss the rest of the evening.  Other than to say, I finally got home around 2:30ish...and had to be back at work at 7 on Saturday.  I got about 3 hours of sleep and felt like shit when I woke up and had to go to work. 

Saturday was NOT an enjoyable day.  AT ALL. 

Then, yesterday, I was finally feeling better again, and apparently I ate something at dinner that didn't completely agree with me because my tummy was feeling all jumbly this morning.  It's finally starting to feel better...but come on.  Seriously? 

I just want to go back home now.

*Bruce Springsteen

Friday, March 26, 2010

Futher more I'm cornier than ethanol, cheesier than provolone*

When I was a kid, I never liked to go to the dentist, but I never dreaded it either because I LOVED my dentist.  Seriously LOVED him.  Dr. G was awesome (and I loved the old train station his office was in as well).  When I first moved down here I actually drove back home to get my teeth cleaned by him. 

Unfortunately, he passed away within my first year of being here, and I had to find a new dentist.  The dentist I went to just kind of sucked in comparison and I dreaded going to him.  I had an appointment with him almost 3 years ago that I had to cancel because I was traveling for work at the time...and I just never rescheduled. 

So, I just put off going to the dentist for almost 3 years because I didn't want to go back to that guy, and I never bothered to find a new one (that's not entirely true, until last month every time I checked our insurance website it kept telling me there were no dentists within 100 miles of where I lived which is obviously false...I just never went any farther in my looking for a new one).  Anyways, I finally broke down and found a dentist.

I had my first cleaning/check-up in almost 3 years.  It sucked.  My teeth hurt.  However, I really liked the place I went to.  It kind of reminds me of the old dentist office (except this one isn't housed in an old train station).  But it had the same small practice feel and I liked the guy who cleaned my teeth.  He was VERY thorough and my teeth feel super clean.  And he didn't lecture me or talk to me like I was kid who wasn't taking good care of my teeth (obviously I know I'm not).  He was just really nice about everything and explained everything to me without talking down to me. 

So, I finally find a dentist I like...and I'm leaving in 6 months.  Of course haha. 

But I have a few cavities that need to get filled (ugh) including one on the side of my back tooth that apparently is a very common place to get cavities (hard to get your toothbrush in that side) but also really hard to fill (also hard to get the drill and such there).  Irritatingly, I have two cavities on one side and one cavity on the other side of my mouth.  So, I can't get them all filled at once.  I have to go back two different times. 

Argh.  Stupid teeth. 

Anyways, I'm also bummed I have to work Saturday AND Sunday this weekend.  I thought I was only going to have to work one of those days.  Man...the good news just keeps coming and coming.  Sigh. 

So, hope everyone has a better weekend than me!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I think I like today, I think it's good, It's something I can't get my head around*

I've spent the last 6 months (well actually the last year and a half...but who's counting?) trying to get a transfer to Pennsylvania.  This transfer will make me about 45 minutes from my family as opposed to 4-6 hours.  I was told in January that it was most likely going to happen, but I haven't told many people for fear of jinxing it.

I just got the phone call today.  It's official.

I move to Pennsylvania in September!!!

*Angels & Airwaves

How am i supposed to know that you're high if you won't even dance?*

This is kind of how I feel at the gym while I'm watching ESPN on the treadmill and realizing I have no idea what the hell they are talking about.  I don't really get baseball (sorry to all you baseball fans out there).  I miss football this time of year.
see more Sports Pictures

Speaking of the gym...holy crap A the new trainer (who isn't exactly NEW anymore...but that is still his name) is kicking my ass this week.  I realize that's what he's there for...but sometimes, a little less ass kicking would be nice. 

I think he is determined to believe that I am stronger than I really am.  It's really annoying. 

Monday was a long 45 minutes of circuit training.  EVIL circuit training.  Tuesday was a bunch of hill intervals.  Granted, they were pretty lame hill intervals.  Since I'm not allowed to run a lot, I did a bunch of 1.5 minute "sprints" and 1.5 minutes walking on an incline of 5 and then 8.  Since I was unsure how my knee would hold up, I went really slow yesterday.  My "sprints" were more of a slow run, but whatever.  My knee held up the entire time and I'll just increase the speed next time.  Today will consist of a short 15 minute evil circuit training, and then 30 minutes of some sort of cardio (I really want to run but I'll probably do the elliptical...lame).  Yay off tomorrow.  Then Friday will be 25 minutes of evil circuit training and 20-25 minutes of cardio.  I'll probably try the hill intervals at a quicker pace. 

Yeah.  I realize it's not that tough a week, but those circuits are seriously evil.  I HATE them.  Also, I'm having the worse cramps this week, and my stomach muscles are sore from the new circuit.  All in all...I just want to wear yoga pants all day.  Regular clothes hurt too much right now. 

That's how great I'm about you?

On a happy knitting note...I feel like I've made a lot of stuff this past week or two.  I finished a pair of socks.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them...I may save them as a Christmas gift.  I also started my own sock of the month club (trying to use up some of my awesome sock yarn).  I just found a bunch of sock patterns I really liked, and paired them up with some yarn and put them in a bag ready to be pulled at the beginning of each  month.  That way, I don't have to worry about what pattern I'm doing or what yarn to use.  It's already done for me.  (Yes, it IS a very lame sock club...but at least this way I have a guaranteed 9 pairs of socks already ready to be made). 

I also finished L's hat and am almost done with her scarf.  However, it's pretty much way to warm for her to be needing I was thinking I should save them for later (that way I'm not giving her something she can't use for another year). 

I also started two blankets for J's baby girl (surprise...J's pregnant!).  I'm not really giving her two...I just can't decide which pattern I like I started making both until I figure it out.  The one is a lot quicker and I can definitely finish it before little baby arrives, however, the other one is prettier I think, but it will take A LOT longer to finish and I'm not sure when I can have it done.  (J - any preferences?)

So...there's been lots of knitting, lot's of lifting, and lot's of working.  Other than that...not much going on. 

Happy hump day everyone!

*The Hold Steady

Monday, March 22, 2010

Not a worry in the world, a PBR on the way...*

Currently, it's about 65 degrees outside and raining.  I stood at the door, staring outside for about 5 minutes this morning.

All I want to do is go outside and go running.  My legs are almost twitching with the need to move. 

Instead, I have an appointment with the trainer for a new lifting regime. 

If it's still raining when I get home tonight...I'm running.  I haven't had a double day in a long time.  Today seems like it could be the day.

And while I have tons of work to do today, all I can think about is that moment I get home and lace up my shoes.  I can't think of anything more important than that.   

*Zac Brown Band

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I had my fill and I know how bad it feels*

I'm so excited, I'm going to see "Wicked" tonight.  That should be so exciting. 

I'm curious to see if it's as weird as the book (yes, I COULD read the plot synopsis on the page I just linked to...but that would be spoiling it).  Duh. 

I'm off to the gym.  Hope eveyone is having a wonderful day today!

*Sufjan Stevens

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We could talk if days weren't so fast, and mistakes just leave it so unsure.*

I had a good run yesterday.  I ran 1.5 miles but I did it in a sneaky way to trick the knee.  (Why yes, you CAN run in a sneaky manner...and knees sometimes need to be tricked!). 

Anyways, I walked a quarter mile, ran a mile, walked a quarter mile, ran half a mile, and walked another quarter mile.  My knee felt fantastic!

I've decided to take this like I'm a complete beginner and I've never run before.  I'm trying to find a beginner 5k training plan and see if I can do something like that to strengthen my knee.  Most of those plans use a walk/run combination to build up the miles, and maybe my knee will respond better to that than to a straight increase in my miles.  Hopefully. 

Hope everyone has a lovely hump day! 

*Ben Kweller

Monday, March 15, 2010

Live a life less ordinary, live a life extraordinary*

Does anyone else have this perverse need to do the opposite of what a sign says?  For example, if you see a sign saying, "do not push this button", do you get the urge to push the button?  Just to see what happens?  I do.  Sometimes it's actually really difficult to resist the urge. 

Every morning, on my way into the building at work, I pass a construction fence that says "do not modify, move, or adjust security fence without express permission of Hourigan Security".  All I want to do is walk up and move the fence an inch in either direction just to see what would happen. 

Obviously moving the fence wouldn't actually do anything to the construction area...but more just to see what the people would say or if they would even notice.  I've been passing this sign for WEEKS now, and the urge is just getting worse and worse.  I wish they would finish the construction already. 

Am I the only person that has this issue? 

* Carbon Leaf

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Making sense about as much as nonsense is meant to make sense*

I decided I really wanted to go running yesterday.  I got to the gym and changed and went to the treadmill.  Took about 10 steps and had to stop. 

I'm not sure if running the other day did something to my knee, or if it was just a bad day, but my knee wouldn't really hold me up.  It kept trying to give out and was killing me. 

So...walked for 5 minutes and lifted for the rest of the time. 


Moving on.  I messed up today.  I received an email from a security person at the same time I received an email from a co-worker who had forwarded me a ridiculous request from one of our contractors.  I hit reply to the security guy but answered the co-worker with a comment basically saying the guy is a moron and I have no idea what he is talking about.  Unfortunately, the email from the security guy could have also been answered that way (even though I wasn't THINKING that about him).

So...I basically sent an asshole email to the security guy COMPLETELY by accident and not even about him...and he gets his email on his blackberry so he received it basically RIGHT AWAY before I could recall it.  I followed it up as quickly as I could with an apology telling him I DID NOT mean to reply that to him and it was not at all ABOUT him.  But it totally sounds like a cop-out answer.  Like, yeah, whoops my bad didn't mean to call you an asshole to your FACE. 

UGH.  So I have no idea if he believes me that I didn't really mean him...or if he now just thinks I'm an asshole.  Go me.  Way to piss off security. 

Double Fail. 

I also called a vendor about a cleaning solution we would like to try in our department.  She was supposed to have called me A WEEK agao with some information but I haven't heard from her.  So I called again (ugh I HATE calling people!).  Maybe I should have waited.  I was still so flustered from the email mistake that I made NO SENSE on her voice mail.  As in, she's going to think I'm a moron. 

So...three strikes...I'm out.

I plan to spend the rest of the day avoiding ALL people and just writing some operating procedures. 

Sigh.  Is it Friday yet?

*Snow Patrol

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's so hard not to be crushed, when you're praying for too much*

I was listening to the radio this morning on my way to work and I can't get this horrible story out of my head. 

A dad in the DC area posted a job on Craigs list for a "dog walker".  However, his idea of a dog walker and mine are not the same.  I can't access Craigs List to get the full job posting, but the job description is something like this (as remembered from the radio guy reading it over the air):

Looking for someone to come and walk my dog for me.  I need you to come to my house, meet my kids and explain that you are here to help daddy walk Sprinkles and help Sprinkles get his exercise when daddy is too busy to do it himself.  Then, you should take the dog for a "walk", but in reality take him to his new home 20 miles away.  Then, return to the house with only his leash and tell my kids that he ran away.  Be prepared for the kids to curse you and possibly hit you.  They are young kids and overly dramatic girls.  The pay is $500 and should take at most 2 hours of your time. 

OMG WTF?!?!?!?!?!?

I'm STILL in shock from this report.  Then, all these people started calling in with horror stories of their parents getting rid of their pets and the lies they told to cover it up.  Or, the one guy had a pet chicken that he took care of and played with every day after school.  Until he came home one day and couldn't find the chicken.  So his mom explained that he had done such a good job taking care of it and it got so fat that they decided to COOK HIM for him.  Yeah, he's never been able to eat chicken again after that. 

Is it just me or are these kids going to need therapy???? 

The ad even mentioned something about letting him know if you have previous experience in situations like this.  Do THAT many people really do stuff like this that you will have PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE????  I'm so disturbed and kind of heart broken for those poor girls. 

So that was how my day is everyone else's Monday going?


Friday, March 5, 2010

It's not as easy as willing it all to be right*

I was finally allowed to attempt a 1.5 mile run yesterday.  (I never thought I would get so excited to increase a run by a HALF mile...but I was ecstatic!).  The first mile was great.  No twinges, no rolling of the ankles, just a nice easy mile.  That last half mile kind of sucked.  Around 1.25 miles my knee started feeling like it was going to give out again and it did a weird popping thing a few times, but nowhere near as bad as when I first hurt it. 

I have such a hard time now figuring out what's ok to run through and when I need to stop.  I'm worried I may be making a big deal out of nothing, but I'm also worried I may not be making a big enough deal.  I ran through the injury before and have caused almost 6 months of barely being able to walk (let alone run) and the last thing I want is that again.  So, do I just assume my knee is extra weak right now and it's going to be having these twinges or do I back off the mileage again (although seriously...I'm only running 1.5 much farther can I back off?). 

Frustration!!!!  ARGH!

Then, I had to take Oscar to the vet last night (we will ignore how I forgot about the appt and was super late...whatever).  I took him in to get his anal glands expressed (it's just a standing monthly appointment now), but while there I needed to get Oscar's nails clipped.  I can usually do his back legs myself no problem, but he FREAKS THE F OUT while doing his front ones.  So...I usually get the vet to do them.  Yeah, he was not a happy camper and freaked out worse than normal last night and mauled my neck.  It STILL hurts. 

Even more irritating...because he had JUST gotten the nails clipped they were super sharp and drew blood...whereas if they hadn't been cut they probably wouldn't have done anything. 

Here is a lovely shot of my neck so you can see what they looked like (after I got the bleeding to stop).

They look worse in person (again, my phone camera is not the best) but you get the general idea.  Cleaning these things hurt like a mother and I poured ridiculous amounts of hydrogen peroxide (it bubbled up like crazy) and bacitracin in the cuts hoping to avoid infection. 

It hurts to turn my neck too far today so driving to work was fun.  As was explaining to my co-workers that no, I didn't have an overly excited/scratch happy visit with a boyfriend last night.  Whatever. 

So, I was obviously irritated with the dog last night, and still not a huge fan of him this morning.  Until I saw him doing this: 

It's an empty bag of food, but he is DETERMINED to get every last crumb from inside.  I was too slow to get the picture of him completely inside the bag (the only thing sticking out was his tail), but this is still pretty damn cute.  As is he. 

How can I stay mad at something that cute.  He's so lucky he's little.  He gets forgiven for A LOT of stuff by A LOT of people just because he's so cute. 

I need to learn his secret.

Anyways, have a great weekend!

*Snow Patrol

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Try to make a comeback with nowhere to start from now*

I love running in the park.  I love running on their trails through the woods.  I love not seeing anyone else while running these trails.  One of my favorite things about running is that it's all about me.  I like the solitude and quietness and alone time I have.  But, at the same time, I can never shake the feeling that someone is going to jump out and do something to hurt me.

When I was growing up, there was a park a few towns over that used to have a great loop for running, but I was never allowed to go by myself.  My mom used to walk in that park, but only if she was with a friend.  I was only allowed to go running there if her friend's son came with me. 

It's sad.  I shouldn't have to be scared to go running in a public park.  I shouldn't have to constantly look over my shoulder or give wide berths to areas that people could be hiding in.  I shouldn't have to constantly be a little nervous when I see someone ahead on the path and worry if they are waiting for someone, anyone to come along.  I shouldn't have to be scared to be in the park first thing in the morning, before other people are awake.

But I am.  Because something like this happens.  And while it's not something that happens every day.  It happens way too often for me to be comfortable with. 

So today...back on the treadmill. 

*Bowling for Soup

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This ain't the planet of sound*

I may have done a little more damage when I rolled my ankle than I initially thought.  It's fine, I can walk, run, whatever on it.  But I took off my shoe last night and couldn't figure out why it was so sore.  I looked down and the side of my foot is all sorts of bruised.  Go me. 

So that's a pain, but not a big deal.  More an annoying surprise than an actual injury or anything. 

Therefore, moving on.

I am not a fan of DWTS, in fact I tend to not be a fan of any of the reality type tv shows.  But I am FASCINATED with this years line up and I may actually have to watch it.  Because seriously, it's freaking AWESOME!

Any show that combines these people has to be great:

Kate Gosselin, Chad Ochocinco, Erin Andrews, Evan Lysacek, Pam Anderson, Buzz Aldrin, Shannon Doherty, Aiden Turner (not going to lie I have NO idea who he is), Nicole Scherzinger, Jake Pavelka, and Nicey Nash (again, NO idea). 

I am FASCINATED with how this will play out.  Fascinated I tell you!  (I would prefer Johnny Weir to Evan Lysacek more from a wtf is he going to do next point of view, but Evan will probably still be really good...just not as much of a weird show). 

Anyways, so as awesome as I think the line up is, I will still probably not watch the show.  I'll just follow it online and see who gets voted off each week.  I'm not sure I can break my not watching reality shows even for them.  We'll see. 

So, I will leave you with some pictures of JS's finished gloves.  I kind of want to keep them for myself.

I am the worst at taking pictures...but you get the idea.  I also really need a camera and not just my cell phone.  I bet I would be slightly better with a camera instead of a phone...just saying!


Monday, March 1, 2010

The whiz man will never fit you like the whiz kid did...*

I am so ridiculously grumpy today.  I would like nothing more than to have the biggest temper tantrum EVER. And my biggest temper tantrum would include throwing my laptop down the stairs while screaming as loud as I could and then tracking down (and punching) this stupid lady that keeps calling here thinking I'm someone else and yelling at me because I don't know the answers to her questions.  ARGH. 

I'm counting down the minutes until I can go to the gym.  Only 70 minutes left.  I can maybe make it. 

Ok, let's talk about happy things.

I went running outside yesterday.  I think it was only the second time I've managed to go running outside since I hurt my knee.  I'm not entirely sure you can call it "running" since I only went a mile, but it was nice just to be outside moving.  The best part was at .98 miles when I was feeling a slight twinge in my knee and I decided it would be a good idea to stop as soon as I hit the mile marker.  And proceeded to roll my ankle.  It hurt.  A lot. 

At the same time I had to laugh.  Who else would turn their ankle with .02 miles left to run.  So...I just kind of hobbled that last little bit and stopped and walked.  By the time I got back to my car it was fine, but I seriously don't understand how I can be such a klutz. 

So big questions for I attempt to run again...or do I just stick with lifting?  I know that I WANT to go running, but I get the feeling it would probably be better if I just lifted.  Which makes me sad. 

Anyways, in addition to running, I had lots of knitting fun this weekend.  I would like to announce that Christmas is now officially over.  I realize that for most people Christmas was over about 2 months ago...but I'm slow.  I like to stretch things out.

I finally finished K's Christmas gift on Friday and after much cursing and frustration, I finally was able to hand her a finished pair of socks.  I've never in my life had such a difficult time making a pair of socks.  And, to make things worse...I had to modify the pattern I was following, and I wrote lots of notes about what I did so that the second sock would match.  And.......I lost the paper with my notes.  So I was making the second sock up as I went along.

It didn't end up terrible...but it was SO FRUSTRATING trying to figure out what I had done with the first sock in order to repeat it on the second sock.  K just laughed at me every time I cursed.  I will never make these socks again (although they look so cool) and have the fun name of "Vampire Boyfriend" socks. 

So this is the basic idea, except I made them in purple.  It was a ridiculous amount of cabling and wanting to punch people while making them. 

I also started this sweater for my sister L (February Lady Sweater).

However, my sister's sweater is going to be pink.  And possibly will have long sleeves as opposed to 3/4 length (however, she still hasn't told me which she prefers so I may just end up making what I feel like). 

Lastly, I started to make the gloves for JS (she is making me an awesome necklace as a trade).  I finished one glove already...and I'll post the ones I've actually made later.  But this is what they should like like when finished (except mine will be purple).  They will hopefully be done tonight so I can mail them tomorrow.  If not, definitely by tomorrow night. The pattern is "dashing".

So, lot's of knitting took place and I have a lot more to do. 

Now I just need to figure out what baby blanket to make for my sister.  Should be fun.  :-)

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

*Ben Folds