Tuesday, September 27, 2011

But time has changed nothing at all -You're still the only one that feels like home. *

Until this weekend, I had a mess in the study, but every other room was basically unpacked and put away and not messy.  Ha!  Now, every single room in the house is a DISASTER!  I kind of want to hire a dumpster to come and just throw out everything in the house.  Argh.

The Ikea furniture showed up, and so far I've constructed my dresser and hall table, and constructed, then deconstructed (I was so pissed, I got all the way to the end before realizing I put the sides on wrong...sucked), so, I then reconstructed my TV stand.  Stupid.  In the process I managed to crush my finger (OMG hurt SOOOO bad).  My nail is bruised and ugly :-(  

My TV also showed up.  Unfortunately, the TV showed up on Saturday, BEFORE the TV stand arrived.  And I don't trust myself to pick up the TV on my own...so, the TV is chilling on the floor, next to the TV stand.  It looks great.  

Sigh, why am I not unpacked yet?

*Missy Higgins - LOVE this song


R said...

i <3 missy higgins!

& don't worry about not being unpacked one month in... i still have a few unpacked boxes myself. i call it "grunge shabby chic" or "rockstar throwback"

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