Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You made my heart melt, yet I'm cold to the core*

Greetings from Vegas!  (Holy crap I can't believe I'm here and that the race is on SUNDAY!!!).  Ok, minor freak out moment there, it's all good. 

I lucked out on my flight out here.  My dad drove me to the airport and dropped me off, only to find out that my plane was delayed by 2 hours (thanks delta for updating your online flight status!).  BUT, it actually worked out fantastic for me.  Due to the 2 hour delay, I was going to miss my connecting flight in Minnesota (ugh, connecting flights), so the guy changed me to a different airline and I got a non-stop flight leaving half an hour earlier.  Yay direct flights and less time in the airport. 

By the time I got through security and found my gate, I only had to wait about 30 minutes to board.  Then, I asked if I could get moved to an aisle seat.  And got put in the emergency exit row.  All by myself.  So, I had all this extra room and nobody behind me to complain if I put the seat back.  Talk about a good flight.  (Everything's coming up Milhouse). 

The hotel itself is quite nice, if a little...confusing.  It's a resort type place, with a bunch of different buildings connected outside along a jungle like path and very little markings anywhere to let you know you found the right building.  I felt slightly lost at night and texted K that one of us needs to stay sober just to make sure we find our room each night. 

I woke up at 7 this morning (ugh, my body thought it was 10) and spent my first day here just walking around the strip.  (Nobody else is here yet, K doesn't get here till late tonight, and Figgs arrives tomorrow).  I didn't do much gambling (spent a whopping TWO DOLLARS at the slots so far), but it was cool to explore downtown and I did do some shopping.  Always fun. 

However, today, has been all about the relaxing and not doing anything.  It's just me, myself, and Vegas.  What more could you ask for (ok, I admit, it was a little lonely at times and maybe would have been more enjoyable at certain parts with more people, but I have the rest of the week for that).  A day to myself was still pretty great.  And, like all good explorers, I completely forgot to take ANY pictures.  (Hangs head in shame).  So, hopefully I remember tomorrow. 

Anyways, I am now going to be entirely lame and take a nap, so I can be awake when K gets here.  Yay!

I LOVE being on vacation/traveling.  I feel like the world back home just doesn't even exist right now.  And that's a very good thing.  :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

From Reality I Just Can't Drift*

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to write lately.  And, as I mentioned before, this whole month has pretty much been bringing the suck.  I find I need to remind myself that it hasn't been all bad.
  • I went to New York to visit JH for her birthday.  I got to see JH and Mike, who are some of my favorite people to hang out with.  I got to take a crazy cab ride with a crazy cab driver, got to drink a lot, and save Mike's life with a TUMS (his words, not mine).  It was so awesome to see them.
  • I ran 8 miles this weekend.  Calling it running may be a stretch, but I ran/walked 8 miles this weekend.  Which is kind of crazy to me considering I was in no way prepared to actually finish the 8 miles.  I'm even running/walking a 5k with my mom and sister on Thanksgiving.  Always fun. 
  • I'm seeing RR today.  That is fantastic.  I'm seeing most of my family this weekend.  Also fantastic.
  • The Walking Dead has been PHENOMINAL this month.  Seriously.  LOVE this show. 
  • I bought one of two of my tables.  It is even prettier than I ever imagined.  Now, I just need to buy a second one (hopefully Target still has them at Christmas time!). 
So, it hasn't been all terrible.  Just kind of feels that way sometimes. 

*Bob Marley

Week of suck

So, I know I've been MIA lately.  Lots of stuff going on, very little of it good. 

And, pretty much all capped off with crappy news last night. 

I'm so sorry, Mike.  I'm here if you need anything. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Want to get ourselves on the straight and the narrow, Gonna need a better plan*

Irksome Thoughts
  • I get really annoyed when people ask me why I dont want to have kids.  Seriously?  Why do you do this?  I don't ask you why  you WANT to have kids (it's a personal decision that has nothing to do with me), so why is it so abnormal for me not to want them?  And, PLEASE don't try to tell me I should have kids because I'm so good with them and like them so much.  I like them because they aren't mine, and I am good with them, because I can give them back.  I don't have to live with them 24/7.  It's a big difference.
  • I usually come in to work between 8:30 and 9:00 (I really like my sleep), but I occasionally come in at 6:30 or 7 (or earllier) if there is a need.  It's not unheard of.  In fact, it's not even all that uncommon.  Yet, everytime I come in before 8, I get the barrage of questions.  Why are you so early?  Aren't you missing out on your beauty sleep?  Ha, Hell must have frozen over.  Sigh.  I get it.  People think it's funny that I'm early.  It's really  not.  Especially not when I have heard it EVERY DAY FOR TWO WEEKS NOW.  Seriously, it's obviously not a fluke.  I'm early for a reason.  Get over it.  (I'm also apparently a little grumpy from lack of sleep, but meh, get over it). 
  • How rude do you have to be before someone gets the hint and leaves you alone?  My neighbor is DETERMINED to be my friend.  I am DETERMINED I will NOT be his friend.  Literally, this man followed me to the park, tried to follow me on my run.  (My favorite part was when he told me to stop and rest because he was tired....).  Has tried to invite himself to dinner with me.  And, last night, tried to get me to "invite him" for a run again some time.  I have been RIDICULOUSLY rude to this man.  I told him he couldn't come to the park with me.  I said I never want to run with him again.  I have told him I have no desire to be his friend.  I pretty  much just ignore him when I see him, yet he keeps persisting.  It's obnoxious.  (He's not really a stalker I dont think.  He's not from this country, and he has no friends, and is just kind of socially inept). 
Happy thoughts
  • Peppermint Mochas are coming back next week.  (It's the little things). 
  • I went to New York last weekend and got to see my aunt (and my favorite place).  We went to the Brooklyn Flea and I got an awesome necklace and watch.  I randomly love buying used jewelry.  Has so much more character that way. 
  • I get to see my JH this weekend.  I haven't seen her in what seems like forever (possibly since I moved?).  Fun times. 
  • I made the PERFECT spaghetti squash and ginger chicken last night.  I'm counting down the hours till lunch time when I get to eat it.  (Apparently  my day revolves around thoughts of food and drinks....)
So, what's making you happy today?

*Jakob Dylan