Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When you lose yourself, you find the key to paradise*

  • I'm in the process of moving.  It's not making me happy.  Stupid rain. 
  • I am almost entirely out of the hotel.  I have a lot of stuff.  Even after donating, I have too many items of clothing (especially since it feels like I wear the same five shirts all the time...).  Maybe I will go through and donate some more.
  • I am exhausted.  It's only Wednesday.  I need more sleep. 
  • I saw RR last night.  I couldn't make it all the way to Richmond in one trip.  I was too tired.
  • The drive down to RR isn't too bad.  Hopefully, I will get to see her more now. 
  • I am down in the Richmond area today and tomorrow.  I can't wait for this move to be over.
  • I am so tired, I started to cry at a Salvation Army campaign being discussed on the radio this morning (poor children with no shoes!). 
  • I donated to the poor children with no shoes. 
  • I really need sleep. 
  • I can't decide what cable package to get.  Too many choices! 
  • This move is stressing me out a bit.  However, I keep telling myself...yay new place (and oven!). 
I have no more words to share.  Hope everyone is having a lovely week.  Even with this awful rain. 

*Zac Brown Band (I love this song.  Makes me happy everytime I hear it.  Seems like a good day to listen it...)


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