Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tell me to run and I'll race, If you want me to stop I'll freeze*

Wells Fargo is completely ridiculous. 

I went shopping last night and bought a new TV (I caved) and toaster oven at hhgregg, and a shelving unit thing from Bed Bath and Beyond for my bathroom last night on my debit card.  Then, I went to the ATM and tried to withdraw $20 in cash.  It got denied. 

I then get a phone call from the fraud prevention hotline at Wells Fargo.  They don't question if I authorized the charge to hhgregg, or the charge to BB&B.  However, they DID question if I authorized the $20 withdrawal.  My money feels very safe from those fraudulent $20 withdrawals....


I am almost finished my bathroom. 

All I really needed was a shelf unit for my towels, however, I still don't have a bathmat.  I can't decide if I still NEED or a bathmat, or if it is not necessary.  What do YOU think?  I also have two pictures I eventually plan to hang, but hanging pictures is not high on my list of priorities right now.

I love the brightness of the room (I know, the above photo is kind of dim...but I swear it's bright!).  It's a pretty light blue with BRIGHT yellow towels and bathroom acessories. 

Then, if you walk in further, you can see the bright yellow part of my shower curtain and start to get a glimpse of what a nerd I am. 

Why yes, I DO have a shower curtain with the periodic table of elements on it...

I love my bathroom. 


Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

yes, you need a bathmat, lest you slip when getting out of the shower, in which case you will need to sue your sister for having an apartment with slippery tile.

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

this could all be avoided if you only had a bathmat.

R said...

hahahaha! Lisa, you crack me up!

& i second your love of bathroom! it's fantastic and fun, yet crisp and clean!

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