Monday, April 23, 2012

All the times, when we were close. I'll remember these things the most*

Hi Google.  PLEASE STOP MESSING WITH YOUR WEBSITES (or at least hire a better designer).  THEY ALL SUCK NOW.  Sigh.  ANYWAYS, mini rant over.  I was just unpleasantly surprised to log into Blogger and see that they changed this now and it's equally as sucky as the reader and the new gmail. 

So, moving on. 

I had quite the busy weekend.  Ran all sorts of errands and cleaned and mowed the lawn on Saturday (ugh, I still need to work in the backyard.  It's starting to look ridiculously weedy).  Then, I had a Game of Thrones marathon with A, stayed up way past my bedtime, then drove up to my mom and dad's for breakfast on Sunday morning and shopping at the outlets. 

Then, I got home, and went for a six mile run.  In the pouring rain.  And the freezing cold (I suppose not exactly FREEZING, but still cold).  The first four miles weren't too bad.  I was wet, but not too cold.  My clothes were still doing a decent job keeping me dry.  But, the last loop around the park I wanted to quit so bad.  I was SO COLD, my clothes were DRENCHED and weighed a ton, and I just wanted to get in my warm car (I even ran past my car before starting my last loop, and it was so hard to keep going).  You can't even begin to see how soaked I was in this picture. 

I finished the run, and got back to my car, and pretty much stripped in the parking lot (it was raining, nobody else was there, and I was SO COLD, I needed my wet clothes off that instant).  So I wore a hoodie and a blanket home.  Quite the attractive ensemble. 

But, I finished the six miles, and I that's all that really matters I suppose. 

Now, if only this rain would stop already.  It's making me feel even more tired than I already am. 

*The Clash

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The weekend

I finally decided I should get my oil changed today.  It's only ridiculously past the suggested miles, but meh.  It's not like I live far away from my job and have a long commute or anything. Am I right?

So I'm sitting in the warm waiting room with nothing else to do (usually I bring a sock to knit or something, but this was kind of an impulse stop when I saw the jiffy lube on the side of the road), so bonus blog post!

Unfortunately, they are playing Nickelback in the waiting room, and I find the terrible music is kind of sucking the creative part of my brain out, and im not really sure what to write about.

I bought my tickets to South Carolina and Seattle this week, and I added a few extra days out west to stop in California and visit L and D and the kids.  I had actually kind of made up my mind not to go to Seattle because I really don't have that much extra money laying around a month after my Europe trip (the flights are crazy expensive), but I got guilt tripped into going, so, ramen diet is on for the next two months!  Yum!

And having said that, I'm going to the outlets this weekend because I am in dire need of spring clothes that I can bring on my trips and that I can wear to work.  I feel like all my spring clothes disappeared over the winter.  What did I wear last year?  And why is it no longer in my closet?

I also need to get up to jersey to visit the parents at some point.  And A is supposed to be coming over to watch the first season of Game of Thrones.  I need an extra day in this weekend.  We should work on that.

And now I need to go talk to the guys in the garage. Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thanks to you I'm finally thinking 'bout me*

I had a pretty good day yesterday. 

Got some awesome positive comments at work.  Then, I went home and ran five miles as a makeup for my craptastic run the other day.  And, I ran the hilliest route I could find (not on purpose).  My legs were toast (and still feel dead today), but I felt so great about myself afterwards.

So the elevation chart is kind of weak looking, but you can at least see that it's gentle rolling hills the whole time.  So it was just constant up and down (heh, that's what she said).  Anyways, it was just killer on my hammies and calves and they are super stiff today.  Hopefully tomorrow's 3 mile run will be easier (with less hills). 

It was nice to have a good run after my disaster of a run on Sunday.

And to completely change the topic. 

This is one of my favorite websites in the world.  She hasn't posted anything in a while, but I love her last post (she somehow managed to make depression seem amusing, and yet I know so many people that suffer from it, and it makes it seem so much more real).  I am in no way depressed, but I have been in a slightly weird mood lately.  I am sort of upset about some things going on, and also kind of just irritated with a lot of people in general, but nothing too major.  Anyways, you know how much I love to be vague.  BUT, this picture inspires me everytime I look at it.

I love it.  I feel like I can do anything just looking at it. 

*Kelly Clarkson - I love running to this song, but I hate how it gets stuck in my head for days afterward

Monday, April 16, 2012

I love you like a love song, baby*

Random thoughts with very little connection:
I spent most of my day on saturday with Baby V (and J).  Seriously, that kid is just freaking adorably sweet.  I love the big grin on her face when she sees me. I love the hugs and kisses she gives me. And I just love how much fun she is, even as she is exhausting me.  What a cutie pie.
I went for a five mile run on Sunday.  Ugh. The sun.  I actually think maybe I'm part vampire for real.  I don't get it.  I actually don't mind running in the heat, I actually kind of like it, but if you put me in direct sunlight I can literally feel the energy leave my body with each step.  I wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep after the first mile, and it just went downhill from there.  I did not make it the five miles. It was more like 3.5.  And I walked a lot. Sigh.  Fail!
Today was a really long day at work.  I got there before 7 and didn't leave until about 7:30 this evening.  Luckily, I have an awesome older sister that went and walked Oscar for me.  It's nice living so close to my family again.  :)
Probably going to have another long day tomorrow.  But hopefully not that long.  I need to try and run that five miles again.  sigh.
Anyways, hope everyone had a great weekend and a lovely Monday!
*Selena Gomez (why?  Why must this be stuck in my head all day?)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just a cute picture of the niece

She rocks my sunglasses better than me.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Which of the standard lies will we use?*

I'm writing this from my phone.  Should be fun to read all the autocorrect mistakes. :)

So yesterday, I ROCKED my three mile run.  I even ran over a bridge and lots of hills and I really did not want to stop.  Sadly, it got dark and I didn't have my headlamp on me and I wasn't in a familiar part of town so seemed prudent to head home.  But seriously.  ROCKED IT.

Then as I was almost home, I ran past a house with a pit bull in the yard. This dog was NOT happy to see me.  He started barking super loud and jumped the fence like it wasn't there and charged at me and scared the shit out of me.  Then got stopped up by the chain it was attached to.  Luckily for me.  Thats actually the first time I've ever had a scary dog incident while running, and I'd like it if I never have another one again.

However, I definitely then ran the last quarter mile at ludicrous speed (please tell me you get that...).

When I got home, I cooked myself a yummy rare steak and took a nice hot shower then passed out for the night.  I was still exhausted from adventures in New York with JH and SL  (maybe I'll tell more about that some other time).

Then, tonight, I hung out with J and
Baby V for dinner and it was lovely as always. 

However, I think one more night of early to bed is required.  I'm still more tired than I would like to be.

*Dashboard Confessional-really what's with the angsty music lately?