Monday, August 1, 2011

Party rock is in the house tonight, Everybody just have a good time*

The weekend kind of started out shitty again.  I worked pretty late Friday night, and then had a pretty big fight when I got home with a friend, and then said screw it and went to bed and laid there feeling sorry for myself.  Gah!  I laugh at how melodramatic I was there, but seriously, I was not in the mood to do anything else.

But, then Saturday came along, and I had a really good time.  I took my parents out to brunch and went shopping with my mom.  Then, the parents kept Oscar and I drove up to go to the city with JH.  And, as an added bonus Mike and a friend from college came as well, and I met a new friend of JH's who is awesome.  

We went to go see a band in the Village, and I always feel so old after going out in the city.  We never leave till late, and I'm always super tired and it's past my bedtime and I get grumpy (I am such a bitch when I'm tired).  This weekend was no exception.  We had to drop a few people off in Jersey City on the way back to JH's house, and I was getting grumpier and grumpier driving there (um, it's like a 15 minute drive, if even, I got ridiculously grumpy in that short amount of time).  So, we dropped Mike off and I said screw it, I'm not driving anymore, and made Trent drive us back to JH's.  

I then proceeded to fall asleep in the back seat with JH, which looking back was probably not the best idea since we were the only two that knew how to get back to her house.  We finally made it back around 5:30, and all I could think was that if it was the work week, I'd be getting up about now (and that L was probably going to be getting up in an hour or so).  

I then had to wake up about 5 hours later and go to L's to borrow her van to go buy a new piece of furniture for the new house.  It was a $100 cart from Ikea, that the lady wanted $15 for, and I talked her down to $10 (I have no idea where this skill set came from on Sunday, I usually suck at bargaining).  

So $100 seems a bit steep for this thing, but $10?  Awesome.  

And then, I drove home to have dinner with the parents, and back to the hotel to try and get some sleep (major fail) before going back to work crazy early today.  And now, I'm exhausted today.  As in, I tried to convince myself that I didn't really need to wake up this morning because I was already running late so I might as well sleep a little longer.  Sleepy logic is my favorite kind.

And I'm ending this post with a kind of question.  On Saturday night, someone called me Meek S.  Now, it was said as a joke at the time, but really?  Do I come across as meek?  

*LMFAO - I am mildly OBSESSED with this song (mildly is not really an accurate description of how much I love this song).  I cannot figure out why I'm so drawn to it, since it's pretty much everything I hate in a song.  And yet, LOVE LOVE LOVE.  


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