Sunday, August 7, 2011

Time can never mend the careless whispers of a good friend*

This weekend we had a surprise party for J for her birthday.  I went down a few hours early to help JP set up and help clean and such.  About half an hour before everyone is supposed to show up, J is still in cleaning mode (and doesn't seem to wonder why I'm volunteering to help her clean) and doesn't appear to be having any intentions of showering/changing/etc.  

Did you know there is NO polite way to tell someone they need to go shower now?  Seriously.  I was "strongly suggesting" she go take a shower now.  She's like, um?  Do I smell?  I'm cleaning?  What is wrong with you?  Yes, you smell.  Awkward.


After the party, a few of us stuck around and we had a fire in the fire pit and sat around drinking beers and scotch (it tastes like burning).    

It started to rain, and instead of going inside, we just dragged the canopy over the fire and sat under the canopy.  It was pretty nice, however, now I feel like I smell like a bonfire.  I've showered twice so far today, and I STILL smell like it.  (Apparently now I'M the one that smells?)


I'm not really ready for this weekend to be over, and I don't really want to return to work tomorrow.  But, at least it's a short week since I'm taking a few days off to go back to Richmond to take care of some stuff before I have to move (ugh, Virginia).  However, on the plus side, I should get to see RR this weekend and her new place.  So that's fantastic.  And, even more fantastic, once we both move, we're only going to be about 3.5 hours apart as opposed to the 10-12ish hours we are now. 

Definitely doable in a weekend, and I'm hoping we see each other a lot more than we have the past few years.  


Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

*George Michael (This has randomly been in my head the past few weeks.  JH used to make me listen to it ALL the time in college and it would drive me INSANE.  Yet now, I feel compelled to listen to it every time it comes on).  


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