Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank God I found the good in goodbye*

  • I went camping this weekend.  I now have 46 bug bites (at my last count, I may have missed a few).  I was dinner for the entire park's population of bugs.  Including the numerous crickets that kept jumping on my head (yes, I was wearing bug spray, I swear).  Luckily, the beer was plentiful and the company was lovely, so I still had a fantastic time. I also discovered a previously unknown skill I have.  I can't cook bacon without burning it on a normal stove.  But, I can apparently cook it on a bunsen burner type camp stove (I also make some mad good french toast).  Good to know
  • There is a contractor at work that is constantly wearing an Utley jersey.  He wears it so often, that when I see actual pictures of Utley (or see him on TV), I think to myself, that's not Chase Utley.  Then I remember that I'm apparently a moron.  Just because someone WEARS a Chase Utley shirt, it doesn't actually MAKE them Chase Utley.  The fact I even have to remind myself of this makes me realize why people think I'm an airhead.
  • After a few days in a row of rain, my mom would throw us outside in our raincoats and tell us to play outside (she wouldn't do this in the middle of a storm or anything, so don't think my mom was endangering us in anyway).  Apparently, we were a bit...high strung after being cooped up indoors for a few days in a row.  I find that I am STILL this way.  I didn't run much last week because of weather and work and then I was at the beach/camping this weekend so didn't run then either.  I only ran once for 3 miles last week.  That is apparently not enough for me.  I have been so squirrelly lately (I left work too late last night to run again).  Today, I HAD to run.  I even bailed on dinner with some friends because I REALLY had to go running.  I feel a little less stabby, and a lot more rational (seriously, sometimes I cringe at how irrational I can get).  So that's a plus.  
  • So how about that earthquake?  At first we all thought that something out on the production floor had exploded or something (we were trying to repair a robot and I thought maybe something had gone horribly wrong).  And then, I realized it's an earthquake.  I wasn't scared or anything, just a little disconcerted.  However, I'm quite glad I wasn't in Virginia this week.  That would have been a little more disconcerting I'm sure.  Unfortunately, I have to go to VA for the day again on Tuesday.  That's a lot of driving for one day.  Sigh.
  • However, then on Friday, I'm going to CHICAGO!!!!  I CANNOT WAIT.  Seriously.  CANNOT WAIT.  EEK!
  • I've been trying to find a used copy of Knit. Sock. Love. for what seems like forever.  I am cheap.  I don't want to pay $27 for a knitting book.  However, the used copies are MORE than the new copies?  Um, $145 for a USED copy of a $27 book?  Is it gold plated???  WTF?  
*Beyonce (As annoying as I find Beyonce, I have a kind of girl crush on her and Rihanna.  Go figure).  


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