Monday, March 21, 2011

We got nothing to do, but when I look at you, I see something that I know and love*

Weekend Recap (because I know you really want to know).

Thursday /Friday
  • I had to return my mom's car so I took Friday off.  I picked up a mirror for my older sister L in Delaware on Thursday night and ate dinner with J.  That was lovely.  
  • I spent Friday with my mom.  We went to breakfast, and Target and shopping at Wegmans.  Three of my favorite things to do.  
  • My mom drove me up to L's house so we could drop off her mirror (which by the way, when I first saw it I thought it was the most hideous thing ever...but it's surprisingly growing on me) and so I could pick up D's car (I have the nicest brother in law!)
  • We ate some yummy pumpkin pancakes for breakfast (and again for lunch). 
  • I got to see my adorable nephews and niece.  Oh they're just so much fun.
  • I went to Mike's house later in the day.  I had to give him his birthday gift and I was going to help him pack up his apt since he's moving this upcoming weekend.  
  • We also went out to eat.  I had banana pancakes (it was a very pancake-y day).  
  • I am the worst packing assistant ever.
  • We decided to go get some beer to drink while packing.  Then we came back and Mike wasn't quite ready to start packing so we started watching TV.  Then we drank some Chimay beer (which is amazingly yummy).  Then, we drank some other beers that Mike had (I can't remember what they were, but I know the lager was good and I hated the ale).  
  • Then Mike decided we should go to a bar and I agreed this was a great idea. 
  • Then we came home and went to sleep.  
  • No packing was done.  Best. Packing. Help. EVER.
  • Nothing much done on that day.  Mostly just driving home and sleeping.  I was tired.  
All in all, it was enjoyable weekend, even if it wasn't exactly what I planned.  :-)



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