Sunday, March 27, 2011

If you can't get behind your own life, get behind the driving wheel*

This weekend was one big snoozefest.  I did absolutely nothing that anyone would care to read about.  

Lets see, I babysat, I read, I slept, I finished a pair of socks, I filed my taxes (OMG what a fiasco that turned into), and I went to the grocery store.  

I live my life a mile a minute...I know you are all so jealous.  

However, after going to the grocery store (I had intended to only buy butter and broth, I walked out $100 later, with no broth.  ARGH), I did cook some food for dinner and lunch tomorrow.  It rocked.  

I present my yummy meal:

Ignore the plastic fork.  I ran out of clean regular ones (they only give me 4!).  Anyways, I had some salmon, green beans, and a squash/zucchini mix.  

Tomorrow, I am having the same thing (probably for lunch AND dinner).  It's annoying cooking for one person.  You always end up with so many leftovers.   

Anyways, yeah, I have done absolutely nothing exciting this weekend.  And, to wrap it up, I need to go get my laundry out of the dryer downstairs.  

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

*Ben Kweller


jesst said...

umm, what about going to the recyclery? that was exciting ;)

and i'm not sure but i should probably be offended that spending the day with me constitutes as 'absolutely nothing exciting' :P

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