Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For you I know I'd even try to turn the tide. Because you're mine, I walk the line*

I went running yesterday.  It sucked.

I was hungry when I got home from work (I didn't eat breakfast that day, and my lunch was pretty small).  I wanted to run on the trail, so I couldn't take time to eat and then run or else it would be too late to run there (park closes at sundown).  It was already later than I wanted, so I didn't stretch my knee enough before heading out (I'm slow, I was worried I wouldn't finish before sundown and my car would be locked in the park).  I forgot to bring gum to chew while running, which normally isn't a big deal b/c I keep packs in the car.  Except I'm not driving MY car.  Right.  I need gum.  Keeps me from hacking up phlegm all run (yummy thought I know), and keeps me from burping up food while I run as well (all these terribly yummy images I present here).

So, the actual running.  I got lightheaded about a mile and a half in from not eating enough before going.  Not having the gum caused all the above mentioned things to happen.  My knee bothered me A LOT on this run.  Never full out pain, but definitely twinges and this feeling that the pain was going to happen anysecondnow.  I was running super slow because of my knee and kept worrying I wouldn't make it back to my car in time.

But, you know what?  I ran the 4 miles, and that was 4 miles more than I had run earlier.  So what if it sucked?  Not every run is going to be awesome.  Some runs are just going to kick your ass, and make you feel like crap, but it's still a run and you still did it and that's what's important.  

I just have to remind myself of that sometimes.

*Johnny Cash


R said...

ewwww. i hardly skimmed this post and saw the word phlegm. ick. please warn me next time! =)

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