Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh I get by with a little help from my friends*

My friend JH and I are big dorks.  

We have this thing, where every other week one of us is responsible for sending the other one 4 articles/links for the week.  We have four topics:
  • Politics/social issues 
  • Math/Physics 
  • Life Sciences
  • Anything funny
Half the time, our Funny "articles" aren't really articles.  Just things we find online that are amusing (such as weird ads, or random pictures and quotes).  

One of my "funnies" was a picture of Keith Comstock's baseball card from the Las Vegas Stars.  Yeah, awkward.  I wonder who hated him enough to actually USE that picture for his card.

So, anyways, I hung out with JH on Friday night and New Brunswick, and she tells me she has a surprise for me.

That's right.  She FOUND the baseball card and bought it for me.  Gotta love that girl.

*The Beatles


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