Monday, March 28, 2011

And love, such a silly game we play*

My friend from college, C, is getting married this June.  And obviously, I'm excited for her wedding and I'm looking forward to going and celebrating with her.  However, she just upped my excitement level like ten fold with our conversation tonight.  

It started out as a random discussion, that somehow moved on to what I want to do in life (God who knows), and she started to say I should open a flower store (ugh, a small business owner is so not my calling in life), and then, she moved on from there to asking for my opinions on her flowers for her wedding.

She's not hiring a florist, she's ordering flowers from a wholesaler and is going to make her own stuff.  Here's the where the fun part comes in.  

She's never made bouquets or boutonnieres or centerpieces, so, I'm going to help show her how to do all this.  I'm going down to DC a few weeks before her wedding and we're going to do a few practice pieces and figure out what she likes/doesn't like, etc (and we have completely conflicting tastes in flowers, so I love trying to figure out what someone else will like).  So much fun!  

I love anything to do with picking flowers, arranging flowers, making things out of flowers (um...pretty much anything to do with flowers).  So, this is going to be a blast for me. And it will be fun to see what she comes up with as her final pieces.  

That totally made up for my terrible run today (my planned 5 mile run got truncated to 4.  It was just pathetic).  But now, all I can think about is flowers.  

While searching, I came across this, and I am currently in love:

I do love me some plumeria.

*Matt White


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