Thursday, March 10, 2011

I was thirsty so I drank, and though it was salt water, there was something 'bout the way, it tasted so familiar*

I have been having nervous tummy lately and I'm not such a fan.  It was really bad today.

I went for a run after work and this was the first time I've had to go to the bathroom mid run in a really long time.  I honestly didn't think I was going to make it back to the hotel (and oh my god that last hill almost killed me).  Then, I get back to the hotel...and I don't have to go anymore.  WTF?  

That's ok, the whole run kind of sucked anyways.  I usually really love running in the rain, but it just wasn't working for me today.  I just felt wet and wanted to be back home on my couch.  Lame.

Then, I had to do some laundry because my clothes were soaking wet from the rain and I didn't want that chilling out in my room until the weekend.  So, I shower, put on some sweats and a t-shirt, and head downstairs.  On my way, I run into this hot guy staying at the hotel.  I've seen him a couple times, but have never spoken to him in my life.  

I see him in the hallway and give him that hey, how are you smile, and he tells me my boobs are looking great today.  

Umm....???  Ok.  

First - I'm glad you think they look good, but who are you???
Second - I was wearing a sports bra and had the whole uni-boob thing going on.  Really?  THIS is what you think looks good?  

And now I shall end this on a cute note.  

I made Baby V a fuzzy vest.  But seriously, she's just so darn cute you barely even notice it in the picture.

*Josh Ritter


Anonymous said...

OMG girl, what kind of freaky people are at that hotel? I'd come back to him with a retort like "Your package ain't looking too bad either."

Baby fuzzy vest-cute!! Baby-even cuter. :)
Miss you!

R said...

V is soooo adorable! she should model!

& really? you need to start documenting all the weird lines guys have said to you.

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