Monday, March 14, 2011

Cloud of DOOM!

I feel like crap today.  I feel like I have Dilbert's cloud of doom following me around since Saturday.  I'd kind of like to shake it off because it's giving me major nervous tummy.
  • I had an accident on Saturday morning, which I am entirely at fault for, but it still pisses me off.  I was trying to avoid getting hit by a car, and instead hit a different car.  Sigh.  Should have just let the first guy hit me.  At least then he'd be at fault. 
  • Poor Oscar was in the car with me and slammed his face into his crate door.  And initially I only noticed one cut on his nose, but it turns out he has a few more.  Although, to be honest, they appear to bother me more than they bother him.  (Worst Mom Ever). 
  • My car was not driveable and had to be towed away to a body shop.  And my insurance doesn't cover car rentals.
  • Luckily, my parents are in Italy right now, so I stole my mom's car.  I told her I was stealing her car so she didn't come home and freak out that her car was missing and have me arrested for Grand Theft Auto. 
  • Unfortunately she comes back on Thursday, and I'm pretty sure my car will not be fixed by then.  Car rentals look like they will cost me about $200 for the following week.  Blah. 
  • I am pretty sure they will not total my car, but until I find out for sure what's going, I'm feeling quite anxious.  Although I've been wanting a new car, this wasn't really how I wanted to go about getting it.  So, I'm going to just hope they decide to fix it (which again, I'm pretty sure they will). 
  • I also just found out my brother in law has some sort of flu type thing, so maybe THAT'S the cause of my nervous tummy.  I hope not.  That would be even more cloud of doom!
  • I also left my coat in Delaware while visiting my sister.  Sigh.  That's the SECOND coat in less than two weeks I've left somewhere not so easily accessible.  I'm cold. 
I want to be curled up in bed right now until that cloud goes away.  :-)


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