Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes*

So, after the accident, what better way to cheer up than spending the afternoon with the family?

The ever adorable Baby V.

And the adorable Baby T, who isn't really a baby anymore but oh I don't want to stop calling her that yet.

So, this is pretty much the ONLY picture of Little J proving he was there that day.  But he was, and he had fun playing Nellie - or as he calls her, Elliot.

Little H, was a little closer.  He kept calling her Kellie.

Here's Little H, playing the drums like his uncle JP, however, Little H is even more talented.  He's playing the drums AND the castanets at the SAME time.  Total one man band.  

So, if you have to have an accident, I hope you at least have such great company (sisters and brothers-in-law are included in this great company, I just didn't really have any pictures of them) to hang out with afterwards to make you feel better.  :-)  

*Florence & The Machine


Lisa said...

What about the yummy caramel frappucino and brownie your awesome sister and BIL brought you?

R said...

you have the most beautiful family!!

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