Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love, such a silly game we play*

I mentioned a while ago (I'm too lazy to go find the original post), that my friend C, was getting married in June, and I had offered to help her figure out what flowers she wanted to use for her wedding.  So, this past weekend, I hung out with her in DC and we played with flowers on Saturday.  It was so much fun.  (It was obviously also fun to hang out with C, we hadn't done it in a really long time).  It was just a really nice weekend.

The two of us have completely different tastes when it comes to flowers, which made it even more fun (I am weird.  I enjoy the challenge of finding something that someone else will like). I'm all about BRIGHT, HAPPY COLORS and fun flowers, whereas C is more into romantic colors and English garden flowers.  Even more challenging, finding something that would be quick and simple to re-create (she's doing the wedding herself, with help from friends, none of whom really have much flower arranging experience), and all in her budget.

So, we had 48 decorated mason jars to use as centerpieces (seriously, they are so cute!) and the colors had to be pink (but not too pink, more of a rose color), yellow, and white.  

We came up with the following:

 Groomsmen Boutonniers                                                                 Sponsor Boutonniers

    Groom's Boutonnier (Ringbearer is similar but smaller)

Can I just say how much I LOVE using billy balls as a boutonnier.  They are so fun!  And just think, C made all those herself after only a little bit of instructions from me.  She could totally work for a florist.  :-)

Sponsor's Corsage

This is the centerpiece and you can see the cute mason jars.

I'm a little disappointed at how the pictures of the centerpiece turned out.  They were so pretty in person (and smelled amazing), but the angle and the lighting of this picture don't do it justice at all.  It's just a few stems of stock (half will be white, half will either be pink or white hydrangea) with yellow billy balls in it.  

We also picked out flowers for the bouquets for C and her bridesmaids, but we didn't make any of those, and I'm keeping that a surprise.  Maybe I'll post some of them after the wedding.  :-)

I can't wait to see the reception all decorated.  They'll be so pretty!  C picked out some great flowers! 

*Matt White (the song C has on her and her fiance's nearly wed website)


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