Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You are the only thing that makes sense, just ignore all this present tense*

I am working on increasing my dorkiness.  And, sadly, I'm doing a GREAT job so far.  

I bought a pair of ski goggles last week, but when I went skiing, they were terrible.  They fogged up within a second or so of putting them on.  So...I bought a new pair at the ski shop at the Mountain on Sunday (Mike was right, I should have just bought the Smiths brand from the beginning), and I returned the crappy ones to EMS.  

So, I had intended to just return the goggles.  Instead, I ended up buying Yaktrax and a headlamp.

Yes, a headlamp.  

I make fun of JP all the time for HIS headlamp, and yet, I bought one of my own.  (Go ahead JP, open season on the insults).  I went running last night and it was so helpful!  I didn't feel like I was going to trip over stuff on the sidewalk...I could actually SEE where I was going.  


I haven't really had a chance to test the Yaktrax yet, for the last two weeks, they haven't cleared the sidewalks and it's been so difficult to run.  Yet, the day I wanted to test the Yaktrax, the sidewalks were finally completely cleared.  So, I couldn't wear them. 

However, it's currently snowing as I type this, so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  :-)

*Snow Patrol


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