Thursday, January 20, 2011

There's no sunrise like the taste of your smile*

Today, I checked something off my bucket list.

I went skiing.  I have wanted to go since I was about 12, but my parents would never let me (even though J was allowed to go on HER school trip).  Actually, I lay that one on you mom, I'm pretty sure dad wouldn't have cared if I went or not.  :-)

Since coordination is not my strong point, I decided just attempting to ski on my own wouldn't work out so well, so I took a lesson.  This was partly good and partly awful.  The first instructor that I had was wonderful.  He was super nice and patient and even though I was awful, he lied and said I was getting better.  

Then, he left, and some other guy came over to take us to the bunny hill and he was evil drill sergeant man.  Seriously, he yelled at me SO MUCH.  It made me all flustered and nervous and I just got worse.  It didn't help everyone else in my group had all skied before and were rockstars compared to me.  So I'm getting yelled at, and I am the worst one of the group, and seriously, it sucked. 

He FINALLY left us alone, and I stayed on the bunny hill.  While on the hill, I went that way really fast and when something got in my way, I turned (+5 cool points if you get that reference).  And, seriously, I only fell ONCE the entire time.  So I blame jerk man instructor who should not be an instructor because he sucks.  And once I was actually able to not fall every 5 seconds, I had a great time.  

I also expect to be sore tomorrow.  But in a good way.   

*Colbie Caillat


Lisa said...

weird, she let me go too. And insisted I take my stupid dorky snowboots, and I tried to leave them behind in the car, but Dad noticed them and then the teacher went from bus to bus to bus saying my name and announcing I had forgotten my boots. SO EMBARASSING.

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