Monday, January 10, 2011

I feel so funny deep inside, when you kiss me goodbye*

Today I'm going to start off by boring you with food!  Yay food!

I made my weekly meal today and it's surprisingly pretty yummy!  My sister L gave me the recipe for the soup from some weird soup magazine she bought (I didn't even know they HAD soup magazines), and I thought it sounded interesting so into the crockpot it went.  

Since it's an actual published recipe, I won't give you the recipe, but it has potatoes (does anyone else say po-TAY-toes all emphasized like that in their heads when they write it?  Just me?  Ok then, moving on), and vegetables, and beef, and salsa (I know! Such a great idea for a soup base), and other things that I can't remember off the top of my head.  All thrown together and cooked in the crock pot.

It smelled SOOO good cooking all day.  

Unfortunately, I started cooking it a little too late in the day for it to be eaten for dinner tonight (yay sushi instead!), but I packed tonights serving in my lunch bag for Monday.  Yay lunch!  

I meant to take a picture of it in the crockpot.  When it actually looked appetizing and exciting to eat...but I forgot and took it in the pyrex bowl instead (also - the set of pyrex bowls in the hotel need to find a way to leave with me in things ever!)

So, yeah, this, not so appetizing looking, (although you can see a lot of potatoes in there), but I took a sample bite.  It's really good.  I'm excited for dinner this week.  (Yes, I do eat the same thing every night for dinner during the week.  Why do you ask?).  

I also went running today.  And it sucked.  

I haven't been running in 2 weeks.  I was feeling so awful that even running didn't seem like it would help.  However, today, I felt almost back to normal, and I was beginning to go a little crazy from the lack of running.

So, I bundled up (ugh 19 degrees out...required two pairs of pants) and covered every inch of my body that I could and headed out.  I felt ok temperature wise, but I felt ridiculously heavy from all the layers (two pairs of pants, a tank top, a long sleeve wicking shirt, and a fleece.  Plus my gloves, hat, and a gaiter).  I ended up losing the gloves by the end of the run, but I was pretty comfortable otherwise.  I'm not exactly speed demon that works up a sweat running a 5 minute mile.  

I can tell I haven't been running in two weeks.  I was ok breathing wise (struggled a little, but nothing unexpected), but my legs were definitely tired.  And it didn't help that the sidewalks weren't really clear so I was running through snow in areas (which feels like running through sand) and ice in other areas.  

Luckily, I managed to stay upright the whole time (almost ate it twice, but I caught myself).  I ran two miles and decided that was enough for my first day back.  

So, all in all, a nice productive day.  (Ha, I do TWO things and I call that productive).  

*Coyote Shivers

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Lisa said...

Its in our crock pot right now....I added carrots and celery, too. We'll see how it turns out.

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