Tuesday, January 18, 2011

But in my heart I'm always somewhere with you*

I had SO MUCH FUN in Austin.  I somehow forgot to take any pictures of the actual skyline (go me!). Seriously, who goes visit a city and doesn't get a picture of the skyline?  And it's so pretty.  I was thinking of looking for a pretty one online that I could post and you could pretend that I took it, but that just seems like too much work.  So, go Google some images of Austin.  It's almost the same thing. :-)

We didn't really do anything Friday night since we got in so late, but on Saturday, we started the day with the Austin Farmers' Market.  JH and I split the most amazing biscuit with sausage and gravy.  Seriously.  It was so good.  

Unfortunately, it was raining pretty much all day, so we didn't get to go to any of the trails or anything that we had planned.  Instead, we spent the day downtown, shopping on South Congress St.  We went to lunch at some restaurant (it's actually a really well known one, I just can't seem to remember the name of it).  While there, Curtis Stone was there too!  We saw famous people (person)!  Since we had such a late night, we just went to Kerbey Lane for dinner.  It's kind of Austin's version of a diner, but better food.  

That night we went out, and we came to the conclusion that girls in Austin don't wear pants.  It's like an epidemic.  All these girls forgetting their pants.  

They're also kind of mean.  We were parallel parking and some lame drunk girls started screaming at us and insulting us and just being rude and lame.  Whatever.  We had a good time anyways.

Sunday, was overcast, but not raining for the most part, so we went to Juan in a Million for brunch and met up with some guys we had met the night before.   Mt. Bommell (the picture below is the view from there), and did some more shopping and eating.  We went to Amy's Ice Cream and I had the best sundae ever. Seriously awesome.  They're like Cold Stone, but better!

After eating, we went to Mt. Brommell, and got this awesome picture overlooking the city.  

It was such an amazing view.  We basically took this big staircase up to the top (a little over 100 steps, not too bad).  I didn't really take any pictures heading upstairs, but here is one heading down.  

That night, we went to The Salt Lick for the most amazing beef ribs I have ever eaten in my ENTIRE life.  So amazingly yummy.  After eating barbecue, we went back to downtown Austin, and went to a bunch of bars with live bands.  It was great.  

Then, my flight home sucked.  We had a connecting flight in Dallas and were delayed a couple of hours there.  On the plane I sat next to some awful lady.  We tried to get her to switch seats so JH and I could sit next to each other.  She proceeded to tell us that she doesn't like that side of the plane (WTF?) and refused to switch.  Fine whatever.  I was stuck next to her.

She also happened to be too big for her seat.  She took up her seat and about half of my seat, which doesn't really work for me, because I take up my seat.  So, I rode home with her leg basically on top of my leg the whole time.  I couldn't move my upper body because she was kind of spilling out over the top of the arm rest as well, and there was just nowhere else to go.  I couldn't even try and spread out into the aisle b/c I had a middle seat.

Then, she did this weird wiggle/shimmy thing in her seat every 5 minutes.  It's a similar thing that Oscar does when he is trying to sit somewhere where there isn't really room for him.  He kind of wiggles me out of the way.  

At this point, I was like seriously lady? I already think you're kind of ridiculous for not switching to a BETTER seat so my friend and I could sit together.  I realize the seat is too small for you, I haven't bitched at you taking up my seat.  I haven't bitched at you making me unable to move my arms.  I haven't bitched at you for spreading your legs under the seat in front of me leaving me very little room to put my legs.  But really, now you're going to do this as well?  

Then, to top it all off, she fell asleep and was moaning and grunting in her sleep!  

One of the worst trips ever.  Sigh.

Then we finally land in Philly about 3 hours late and it's snowing and the roads are covered in ice (which we would have completely missed if we had left dallas on time) and I still had to go get Oscar and drive back to the hotel.  

Such a long day.  

However, I want to end this on a happy note, so here is one last random picture of Austin.  The State Capitol.  So pretty.  

*Kenny Chesney


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