Friday, July 22, 2011

Now I've come to my decision, and it's one of a painful kind*

I appear to be having my effect on electronic things again.

Our internet at the hotel has been broken for the past two nights, and the A/C at work isn't working right either.  Of the two issues, the A/C being down is the one that's really not making me happy right now.  Seeing how it's over 100 outside right now (I've been watching the temperature steadily climb in here all day.  Right now we're at 83).  Ugh. 


On a positive note, I do have some fun plans for the weekend.  Two of my friends are driving out here to see me, instead of me visiting them, which is awesome.  Means I will be doing minimal driving this weekend and still getting to see friends.  I've been getting tired of always being the one to drive.  I need new friends either in the area, or that like to visit. 


I'm supposed to run again today.  I may be lame and just run it on the dreadmill.  I'm not entirely sure I could breathe if I tried to run outside today.  But ugh, the treadmill kind of sucks my will to live.  I'm not sure which is worse. 


And, on another random, sad note (it's too hot to think coherently), my Chicago trip may not happen anymore.  Which makes me sad.  I was going to go with JH, and now it looks like she's probably going to be moving that weekend instead.  So, I am trying to decide if I still want to go and just go by myself, or if I should say screw it, and not go at all. 

Because, dammit.  It's my birthday and do I really want to be traveling on my own?  During the day I'd have no issues, in fact, I'd have fun.  But I want to be able to go out and drink with someone on my birthday.  Meeting people at a bar on my own is not my strong point.  But, at the same's my birthday dammit.  I really want to go! 

So, I have to decide this weekend what I'm going to do.  Sigh.  (Anyone else want to go to Chicago?)

*Jim Croce


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