Thursday, April 28, 2011

You realize the sun don't go down, it's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round*

Today has been quite the productive day.  I did all sorts of fun things:
  • I got to draw a PFD (and for you non-chemical engineers out there, that's a Process Flow Diagram...not a Personal Flotation Device).  I love logical process flows.  So much fun. 
  • I learned how to play cribbage.  Well technically, I suppose I re-learned.  J taught me how to play when I was in high school, but I haven't played in over over 10 years, and I had completely forgotten how to play.  So, Mike taught me how to play online today.  Amazingly, I wasn't TERRIBLE.  I lost, but I didn't get blown out or anything.  So...I was happy. 
  • I made a roast beef last night.  I thought I had overcooked it and I was worried it would suck.  It was surprisingly really good.  I think it was probably the beer I cooked it in.  How can anything taste bad when it's cooked with beer?  (So...I guess following the productive day theme...the productive thing I did today, was to eat it?)
  • I made some pulled pork tonight for my dad and JH.  (I had some frozen meat in my freezer that I wanted to use and clear on out, hence the roast beef and pulled pork in the same week).  So, that also counts as my nice deed of the week.  My mom doesn't really like pork, so my dad rarely gets to eat it.  Therefore, I figured pulled pork would be a nice treat for him.  I also put some aside for JH just because.  I just hope it doesn't suck.  :-)
  • I'm planning to do more jumping jacks.  Screw the people downstairs.  Go ahead and call and complain.  They got nothing.  (Can you tell I didn't get to go running?  Stupid hail storms).
  • I'm planning to do some knitting tonight after the 30 Day Shred.  We'll see if I can continue this whole "productive" trend haha. 
Um...I do realize that I wasn't all that productive, I just had a good day (other than the whole not-running thing, and just felt like sharing.  :-) 

*The Flaming Lips


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