Thursday, April 14, 2011

I see the road now, I know just what I need, to find my way back to Tennessee

So, one of the reasons I've been too busy to write the past week, is because, I'm spending this week in...


This is the swanky hotel we're staying in.

My pictures don't do this place justice.  I don't feel important enough to be staying here.  It's way nicer than anything I would be able to afford. 

Check out my swanky room with the 18 foot tall ceilings (even if it DOES only have two double beds instead of the king bed I've grown accustomed to).  I actually really like the headboards on these beds.  They kind of remind me of something from a Dr. Suesse movie or something (I have no idea why).

Can you tell I forgot to pack my camera on this trip? 

During our free time (we can't work ALL day), we have gone on a few tours of the city.  The first day we just walked up and down Broadway (our hotel is right downtown, so not a far walk).  I took this lovely picture of this giant boot...

Just...because I felt like it. 

Then, we took a real city tour (on a trolley no less) today.  I got pictures at both Centennial AND Bicentennial Parks. 

The Parthenon replica is at Centennial Park, and the columns looking up towards the Capitol Building is Bicentennial Park. I'm curious what they will build for their Tricentennial Park in 2096.

As we were on the city tour, I got a little distracted by the awe inspiring view of this shirts and skins game of soccer

In case you can't tell, The "skins" team is playing in their speedos (and looked pretty damn good for guys wearing speedos), and the "shirts" team, is fully dressed.  (Click on the picture for a larger view). 

Nashville is a great city. 

*Billy Ray Cyrus


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