Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Never was a girl with a wicked mind, but everything looks better, when the sun goes down*

I went to Wegman's today and bought some new produce to try.

I bought:

So, I am REALLY not happy with Blogger and it's picture lay-outing right now.  So, I apologize if it's not lining up correctly.  

Anyways, up there I have a starfruit, a chacaya squash (which I can't seem to find ANYWHERE on google...so I'm not entirely sure how to eat it), another pepino melon and some raspberries and strawberries.

Stocked up.

So, if anyone has any idea how to eat that green thing up there.  Let me know.

I have also been spending the past few days using the foam roller like crazy on my left leg because I sure messed it up somehow recently.  It's crazy to see the difference in flexibility my legs have.  I can bring my right leg up over my head and my left leg?  Doesn't even come close.  Sigh.  So, I'm working on that.

Because of this, I decided to take a couple weeks off of running and focus on stretching my hip/leg/knee.  I am still doing other workout videos and and lifting, so I'm not entirely skipping out on the exercising, but, I had to cut back a bit.  


So, nothing very exciting happening right now.  

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend :-)  Mine was fantastic.

*The Pretty Wreckless (the shame that I listen to this is almost overwhelming)


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