Tuesday, February 8, 2011

These are the things that I like to do, but most of all, I like liking you*

I like posting pictures of the things I bought on trips (I like to show off my awesome taste...or as some people call it...my attraction to the weird and ugly).  

Anyways, there is NOTHING weird OR ugly about anything I bought on this trip.  

I mean, I bought some shot glasses for myself.  Perfectly normal.

I bought an awesome painting (and I know it's awesome because L wanted it too, and she doesn't usually like ugly things)

However, my favorite buy may have to be these awesome salt and pepper shakers.  HOW FREAKING CUTE ARE THEY???

They are so cute I just can't take it.

I also bought two pairs of sunglasses, but I didn't take a picture of those.  I also bought some gifts for people, but I won't post those since nobody has actually received them yet (and you know, I left my parent's gift IN Costa Rica...oops...sorry guys!)

My actual trip pictures are on my work computer, and I've been super busy trying to catch up, but I'll post those as soon as I get some time to!

*Ben Kweller (everytime I hear this song I want to just hug him)


Lisa said...

You may give me the painting for my birthday. I would generously accept.

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