Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I want out of here, there's got to be someplace for the dream in me*

Back to the 30 in 30 days list.  Yay! 

However, I think I will combine a few of them because seriously, they're like a sentence long of a post.  And that's just lame. 

So, without further ado:

Meaning behind your blog name.

My blog name is actually a quote from South Park that I've always loved.  Big Gay Al is super, and he's glad you asked. 

However, I also felt like it was appropriate for me.  I'm writing a blog about myself and things that are affecting me, so what better truth in advertising is there?  I AM super, and I thank people for asking.  :-) 

So, yes it's lame, but, it makes me smile, so there you go. 

Favorite smells.
This one covers A LOT of things.  So the bullet points come out for just a few of my top favorites.
  • Wintergreen - Every time I smell that I think of my grandma.  She was never without a roll of wintergreen certs and she used to sneak them to my sisters and me in church.  That smell just invokes so many memories of her, from before she got sick.  I smell that, and it reminds me of winter mornings, sitting with her on the couch before going to school.  I think of baking cookies, and making deviled eggs with her.  I think of her saying geez louise all the time.  I think of her toilet papered hair at bedtime.  I think of her sitting on the front porch, smoking cigarettes.  I think of her hugs that were my FAVORITE hugs in the world.  I just think of her when I smell it. 
  • Garlic - Not as sentimental a smell.  I just love the smell of garlic cooking.  Makes me anticipate a super yummy dinner. 
  • I dont know the name of the cologne, but my friend Graham used to wear it.  And I know it when I smell it, and I just think of him and remember how much I liked that guy.
  • Freesia and Certain pink roses (and the cooler of flowers at my old job).  They smell so yummy, like candy.  Always puts me in a good mood. 
I think that's enough smells. 

And last but not least...

The story behind one of your scars.
When I was in grade school, I was home alone with my older sisters and it was about 9 or 10 in the morning.  L was upstairs and J and I were downstairs and decided we were going to sew some clothes for our dolls.  I had a needle and thread and my basket with scraps of fabric all ready to begin. 
I dropped my needle in the carpet and couldn't find it.  I dropped down on my knees to find it, and dropped down directly on the needle.  The needle went all the way in to my knee (as in the tip was under skin, and there was nothing on the outside to grip to pull it out). 
The way I knelt kind of forced the needle into the joint and locked my knee in a bent position, so I couldn't straighten my leg or move it.  I have never screamed so loud in my life. 
L thought J was beating me up and came running down the stairs (I guess maybe to beat up J?).  She didn't have her license yet at the time, so she put in a frantic call to my grandmother (this was before cell phones were a normal thing, so she couldn't call my mom).  They rushed over, and my grandmother and my aunt and my mom all arrived at the same time. 
So, my mom drove me to the hospital, and I ended up having surgery on my knee to remove the needle and had to stay the night in the hospital.  (They offered to let me keep the needle, but I'm pretty sure I was in no mood to see that thing ever again).  I was then on crutches for about 6 weeks (?) afterwards.  I still have a little scar on the side of my knee and a slight fear of needles. :-)
*Dynamite Hack


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