Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Piece of the puzzle, and you're a missing part*

So, I'm feeling MUCH better today.  That's a relief. 

I even had an annoying voice mail first thing this morning, and it rolled right off my back.  I couldn't care less.  That's more like it. 

My friends did a great job cheering me up yesterday, basically just let me vent and put up with me being annoying and moody, and didn't get mad at me for being such a bitch (seriously, I was SO MEAN to some people for NO reason).  However, the thing that really cheered me up and relaxed me, and made me feel better? 

I went grocery shopping at Wegmans. 

I know...I'm SO WEIRD!  Grocery shopping makes me happy.  I think I have this weird obsession with buying food or something.  However, apparently my sister ALSO likes grocery shopping (which is weird b/c I feel like I remember my mom hating it when we were growing up, so where did we learn to appreciate it?).

I love looking at all the fresh produce (I spend like half an hour in the produce section alone), and the weird "hippy" aisle (as the grocer called it the other day), with the organic or gluten free, all natural products.  I used to love looking at the fresh meat and fish department (but now I kind of just move quickly through the meat department to the fish).  I never usually BUY fish b/c I'm not really entirely sure how to cook it (or know when it's done) other than baking it, and since I have no oven, that's not an option. fish for me.  Oh!  And the olive bar and fresh cheese area.  So much fun!

I just really like the grocery store. 

Anyways, I spent about an hour there last night, and when I left, I was relaxed and not so wound up, and I just felt so much better.  Yay Wegmans therapy!

So, that's my weird little fact of the day about me.  Does anyone else enjoy grocery shopping as much as me? 

*She And Him - I have been oddly enamored with them lately. 


R said...

"Does anyone else enjoy grocery shopping as much as me?" ... yeah, not so much.

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