Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Which of the standard lies will we use?*

I'm writing this from my phone.  Should be fun to read all the autocorrect mistakes. :)

So yesterday, I ROCKED my three mile run.  I even ran over a bridge and lots of hills and I really did not want to stop.  Sadly, it got dark and I didn't have my headlamp on me and I wasn't in a familiar part of town so seemed prudent to head home.  But seriously.  ROCKED IT.

Then as I was almost home, I ran past a house with a pit bull in the yard. This dog was NOT happy to see me.  He started barking super loud and jumped the fence like it wasn't there and charged at me and scared the shit out of me.  Then got stopped up by the chain it was attached to.  Luckily for me.  Thats actually the first time I've ever had a scary dog incident while running, and I'd like it if I never have another one again.

However, I definitely then ran the last quarter mile at ludicrous speed (please tell me you get that...).

When I got home, I cooked myself a yummy rare steak and took a nice hot shower then passed out for the night.  I was still exhausted from adventures in New York with JH and SL  (maybe I'll tell more about that some other time).

Then, tonight, I hung out with J and
Baby V for dinner and it was lovely as always. 

However, I think one more night of early to bed is required.  I'm still more tired than I would like to be.

*Dashboard Confessional-really what's with the angsty music lately?


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