Monday, April 23, 2012

All the times, when we were close. I'll remember these things the most*

Hi Google.  PLEASE STOP MESSING WITH YOUR WEBSITES (or at least hire a better designer).  THEY ALL SUCK NOW.  Sigh.  ANYWAYS, mini rant over.  I was just unpleasantly surprised to log into Blogger and see that they changed this now and it's equally as sucky as the reader and the new gmail. 

So, moving on. 

I had quite the busy weekend.  Ran all sorts of errands and cleaned and mowed the lawn on Saturday (ugh, I still need to work in the backyard.  It's starting to look ridiculously weedy).  Then, I had a Game of Thrones marathon with A, stayed up way past my bedtime, then drove up to my mom and dad's for breakfast on Sunday morning and shopping at the outlets. 

Then, I got home, and went for a six mile run.  In the pouring rain.  And the freezing cold (I suppose not exactly FREEZING, but still cold).  The first four miles weren't too bad.  I was wet, but not too cold.  My clothes were still doing a decent job keeping me dry.  But, the last loop around the park I wanted to quit so bad.  I was SO COLD, my clothes were DRENCHED and weighed a ton, and I just wanted to get in my warm car (I even ran past my car before starting my last loop, and it was so hard to keep going).  You can't even begin to see how soaked I was in this picture. 

I finished the run, and got back to my car, and pretty much stripped in the parking lot (it was raining, nobody else was there, and I was SO COLD, I needed my wet clothes off that instant).  So I wore a hoodie and a blanket home.  Quite the attractive ensemble. 

But, I finished the six miles, and I that's all that really matters I suppose. 

Now, if only this rain would stop already.  It's making me feel even more tired than I already am. 

*The Clash


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