Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm no longer yours and you're no longer mine. *

So, I like to go MIA every once in a while.  Keeps you guys wanting more (or, just makes you not bother to come back...either or).  Let's see, what fun things happened while I was gone...
  • I went shopping with my mom the other weekend and bought some shoes.  My mom critiqued all my choices and told me that I had fat feet in them. (Ok, she didn't REALLY say they WERE fat, just said they LOOKED fat in certain shoes).  Irritatingly, she was correct.  So, I apparently have fat feet now as well.  Boo. 
  • I had a fight with a friend on Friday and I was very irritated.  And, I left work at the worst time and didn't feel like sitting in traffic (especially while irritated), so I went to the outlets.  Retail therapy.  Spent WAY too much money, but I bought a bunch of shirts (none of which has any argyle...I wear too much argyle). 
  • I worked at the flower store again this past weekend (ugh Valentine's Day).  I had a new all time low.  Married guy came in.  Bought flowers for his wife, nicer flowers for his girlfriend, then proceeded to ask me out to dinner.  Sigh.  My faith in healthy relationships is dwindling more and more. 
  • I signed up for the half marathon in Seattle in June.  (One of my best friends from high school, we like to call her Seattle's Best, lives there and I can't wait to visit).  I'm a little less excited to be running.  Why do I keep signing up for these things???
  • I'm also planning a trip with Figgs to go to Prague, Budapest, and possibly Vienna this May.  I'm SO EXCITED!  This is hopefully going to be a good year for traveling!
I think I've caught you up on the good in my life.  I'll catch you up on the suck later.

*Missy Higgins


R said...

the <3 day debacle sounds ridiculous!
& your europe trip sounds awesome!!! i expect postcards.

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