Monday, March 16, 2015

Plans for the kitchen

The kitchen is brown (obviously).  It's not hideous, but it's not my favorite either (actually, I do find it kind of hideous).  It's builder's grade cabinets, with an ugly tan painted backsplash.  It is blah and boring and I really don't like it.  Also, the fridge never stayed shut.  

So, I decided to start changing things up.  I tore down the backsplash (that was way harder than it should have been).  I seriously hate the previous owners for this right now.  It was such a pain in the ass.  

And look, I bought a new fridge!  It's pretty! And it actually stays closed on it's own.  I also ran a brand new water line all by myself...I feel so accomplished. 

I am going to replace the ugly tan counter with a new white counter top (sooooo excited for this to happen).  I am going to paint all the lower cabinets black, and all the upper cabinets white and add some stainless door pulls to try and update the cabinets a bit.  And I want to paint the walls a light gray.  

I ordered an awesome backsplash (seriously...I am so excited for the backsplash).  Look how pretty it is!!!

Then, some gray curtains with blue and red trim to finish it off.  So.  Lots and lots of work ahead of me, hopefully I don't flame out midway through the work.  


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