Thursday, May 31, 2012

Onward to Vienna

We took the train from Prague to Vienna, and it was almost like the Hogwarts Express!  Each car had their own little compartment type seating and there was a candy cart that came around.  We shared our car for a few stops with a lady that pretended she couldn't speak English (she learned how to speak English really quick when she needed help with her bags), the little faker. 

Once we got to Vienna and found our hotel, (also very near a sex shop) the very first thing we did, was hop on the Metro and went to the trash plant (I'm so my father's daughter). 

But come on, seriously.  This place is like the Willy Wonka factory of trash plants.  It was so cool looking (even the non-nerdy people in our group were impressed). 

After that, we went to the Hotel Sacher to get one of their famous desserts:

Meh, I was only mildly impressed.  We ate better things on the trip :)

We walked around a park for a while and took some pictures of the statues they have in the town,

(I really liked the music note in the grass).  But to be honest, at this point, we were kind of pictured out, so we didn't take too many pictures that day.  After walking in the park, we headed over to the opera house and we got some SRO tickets to see The Flying Dutchman.  I have to say I really enjoyed it, but if I ever get the chance to go again, I'll totally splurge and get actual seats.  It was hard to stand and watch for 2 hours.  My feet were already tired from all the walking in Prague and earlier that day.   

The next day, we went and visited the Palace which was right by our hotel.  I can't get over how big the royal summer house was.  It was insane. 

This didn't even capture the wings that extended down the sides of the courtyard...

Then, the backyard...we never even made it to the end of the garden.  We had been there for 2 hours already and still had more to go see elsewhere in the city.

We went to the National Museum and saw a Klimt exhibit, and then, went to some cobblestone part of town, and then back to Parliament (I think it was Parliament?)

After this, we went to another famous coffee shop (no clue what it was called, I just know it was in an old library and had amazing apple struedel). 

Then, we went to their amusement park with the famous ferris wheel, but I was more amused by the live merry-go-round they had (until I saw how pathetically lethargic the ponies looked, then I just felt bad for them).

Then we went to St. Stephen's Cathedral.

It was starting to get late, and things were closing after this, so we headed back towards the main road in town, and rented some bikes to ride through the park in an attempt to work up an appetite for dinner.  Then, I think we just went and got some schnitzel at a famous schnitzel place and then went back to the hotel to pack to leave for Budapest the next morning. 

I hope I didn't leave anything out!


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