Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last Pictures of the Trip! Budapest!

Yeah, I guess I disappeared there for a bad.  I got busy and stuff. 

Anyways, I guess I'll finish up my last trip (just in time for me to leave for my next trip).


We took a boat tour on the Danube (yes, I voluntarily stepped foot on a boat and amazingly didn't get that seasick...maybe it was the free beer they served). 

This was a church that was actually carved into the cliffside of Buda.  It was amazing. 

Then, my favorite building (located on the Pest side).

This is their Parliament building.  Amazing.

The next day we just walked around the city.  Mostly the Buda side.  We took the funicula to see the Castle, the Cathedral, and I got to shoot a bow and arrow (I hit the target every time, but only one was near the bullseye). 

We also saw this awesome car:

Maybe I should do something similar? 

We left for the airport around 2 in the morning and flew back through one last picture of our friend. 

The whole trip was just amazing.  I already want to return...


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