Sunday, January 29, 2012

Everything is ok, everything is fine*

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was moments of fun interspersed with moments of suckitude.  Meh, can't win them all.

On Friday, my work laptop took a crap and pretty much decided it didn't need to work anymore.  So, I spent the day in the IT department trying to get either a loaner computer or get set up on a desktop. However, they couldn't find my user identity anywhere on the servers (apparently I don't exist), so it took pretty much all day to finally get transferred to a loaner laptop.  Unfortunately, said laptop has weird firewall settings and I couldn't access our work servers remotely, so I had to go to the office this weekend to make up for not doing anything I needed to on Friday.

But, to make it a happier day, my friend RN came to visit (I haven't seen him in about 8 years), and it was so great to see him and catch up. We kept it low key. Just went to Iron Hill, and had some yummy food and beers.  Then we hung out a bit at home (and he helped me finally put together my guest bed).  It was really nice.

Saturday, I spent the morning in the office while RN slept, then we just kind of went around to different places.  I made him run errands to Target with me, then we checked out  Trolley Square and Newark.  I dropped him off st the train station that evening (kind of a short visit, but fun anyway).

Sunday I went back to the office and finished what I couldn't get done on Saturday.  I was kind of grumpy for multiple reasons (work and personal).  After work I stopped by J's house to see if she wanted to hang out for a bit, but no dice, so I just went home and was grumpy on my lonesome.

I made a bunch of necklaces and earrings while home (at least I am a productive grump).  I'll try and post some pictures tomorrow.

Soooo, all in all, just a pretty low key weekend.  Hopefully this week will be a little more exciting. :)

*Phantom Planet - I was listening to this song super loud today on my way home from the office trying to convince myself I wasn't really grumpy.


jesst said...

you make me sound like a jerk! :P i invited you to hang out at my house and watch a stupid movie with me. i don't see what else you could possibly want.

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