Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy Aftermath

The worst part of the storm for me was trying to convince Little O he wanted to go to the bathroom outside, and not on my kitchen floor.  (I don't completely blame him, his legs are only 3" long, and at some points the water was at least 2" deep outside). 

The wind and the water didn't do too much damage to my place.  The basement flooded and I had some boxes that got soaked.  But, on a positive note, I was needing to go through them and throw most of them out anyway before moving, so this is kind of the impetus I need to actually dispose of them. 

My family is ok.  My friends are ok.  Nothing was lost that can't be replaced.

But the devastation of the storm elsewhere is heartbreaking.  It saddens me to see the Jersey Shore so decimated.  I grew up going on vacations there in the summer.  I have so many memories of being down there, and seeing pictures of how it looks now makes me want to cry. 

Same for New York.  New York is my home.  I know I didn't live up near there for very long, but everytime I go visit, I get this sense of being home.  It's where I belong.  And even though I'm not there now, I constantly am looking to move back. 

I'm glad all my friends up there made it through the storm and nobody lost anything that can't be replaced, but it breaks my heart to see so many things destroyed like that. 


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