Saturday, May 16, 2015

Back deck

I have a nice size deck in my backyard (access is through the kitchen).  It runs the width of my house and extends out about 10 feet (never actually measured it,  so that's just a guesstimate). 

I really like having a deck,  I'm just having a hard time making it comfortable.   I bought furniture for a small balcony about two years ago,  and it is obviously too small for my current set up.  I don't really plan to buy anything new this year unless I find something on super sale...bc apparently everything I like is expensive (of course it is).

So,  making do with what I have this summer.  I created two separate sitting areas...and I really need to buy a fourth chair for that one table.

And I put some flowers around to make it a little more bright and cheery.  Need to get three more hanging pots for the other side of the deck.

It isn't my favorite area,  but it works for now until I can find some better patio furniture. At least Oscar likes it out there.  :)  And I still have the super tiny elephant grill on my table.   


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